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FDR's New Deal

No description

Madeleine Student

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of FDR's New Deal

By:Peter Tooley
FDR's New Deal
FDR's New Deal started approximately on March 6, 1933. The goal of the New Deal was to get America out of the Great Depression. Many historians are split on whether FDR's New Deal actually worked.
Economic Safety Net Programs
FERA- Helps people when natural disaster hits and gives them medical aid.
Unemployment Programs
TVA- Developed and modernized the Tennessee region. Created dams which will developed jobs and electricity.
"Unconstitutional Ideas
AAA- Limited farmers from growing so many crops to make the prices higher again.
Economic Security Programs
SEC- Gives confidence to investors and the stock market. The plan was to have more people invest.
CCC- Targeted unemployment in cities. Sent youth to clean up the enviroment, and do jobs for the government.
WPA- To give jobs to artists, writers, and other jobs in the arts. Their were no age limits on the jobs.
SSA- Give aid to people who are retired or handicaps.
FDIC- Assure confidence in the banking system. Started banking insurance.
NLRA- This guaranteed the right of employees to organize, form unions, and bargain collectively with their employers.
NRA- This created a filter on how many crops you could grow and who could grow them.
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