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GS1 SPF Ch. 1-4

No description

William Diamond

on 12 August 2017

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Transcript of GS1 SPF Ch. 1-4

Your task, and rubric for discussion 1!
Don't forget that the first exam, on McGraw-Hill CONNECT, thoroughly covers ALL of chapters 1-4!
Chapter 2
Everyone uses the terminology from the BCG growth-share matrix (Kerin, p. 36). It is not necessarily valid.
Chapter 3
Kerin, p. 67 has this summary of an environmental scan:
You might look at any or all of these!
Chapter 4
On page 91, Kerin shows this ad from Anheuser-Busch.
The idea is to demonstrate
corporate social
responsibility. You might
be a little suspicious,
because the video below has a previous ad from the same company! This previous ad uses Norms Marketing...which is trying to say that most students drink responsibly.
Chapter 1
When you tell people that you are taking Marketing, they will often say "Oh...the 4Ps!"
This may sound elementary, but it is a good way of starting to analyze marketing problems!
Marketing 301
guidesheet1: chapters 1-4

In the online discussion, people with alphabetically similar last names are assigned to the same business and the same discussion thread. Our priority is that you use many of the topics here. Of course, we smile on your use of things (videos, etc.) from the guidesheets that are not in the textbook. But, of course, you can use material from the text!

Each of you should post at least twice, and make an original contribution--not just agree with the others! But you should read and respond to what the others wrote so that your contribution is original! Maybe you
will be a specialist in one area! Or maybe a
person who puts everything together!
Here's a short video on the Marketing Mix!
Also, you should think about (Kerin p. 15) the difference between
The Production Orientation: "we make a good product so people should buy it"
The Sales Orientation: "to sell more, hire more salespeople"
The Marketing Concept: "satisfy the needs of consumers"
The Market Orientation: "collect and share information about consumers"
Which orientation does your business have??? Could you change it?
Kerin, p. 38, talks about Diversification Analysis. Which strategy would be helpful for your business?
Here's a video about the BCG Matrix:
On page 40, Kerin talks about Situation (SWOT) analysis:
This is a really important way getting started on the analysis of a business!
Take a look at this video, taken from the Moe's Southwestern Grill website. What demographic and cultural trends are they trying to follow?

Here, from Kerin page 102, is an example of cause-related marketing. This is a very important and useful promotional tool.
To learn (much) more about Cause-Related
Marketing, watch this video:

Use this link to learn about any zipcode in the U.S.!http://www.esri.com/data/esri_data/ziptapestry
Tools for starting with Environmental Scanning!
Then use tools like google maps, YELP, etc.!
Here's a video using ESRI and Tandem Bagel Bakery in Easthampton!
The video and text use this figure to describe marketing Post-It pens to different segments! (click on it to enlarge it!)
(Here are some high points of the chapter and
some things not in the chapter!)
(Here are some high points of the chapter and
some things not in the chapter!)
(Here are some high points of the chapter and
some things not in the chapter!)
(Here are some high points of the chapter and
some things not in the chapter!)
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