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what would the world be like if there was no friction

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Michelle Mesa

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of what would the world be like if there was no friction

What would the world be like if there was no friction.
Michelle Mesa
First we need to know the meaning of friction and why it is so important .
Friction is a force that tends to stop motion or resist the motion of objects.
Friction is always a negative force, which means it acts in a direction opposite to the direction of the force applied to the object.
Although friction is not always desirable, it does have a role to play in our lives. Walking would be impossible without friction.

Life Style:
(on a normal day):
people would not be able to walk, run, write or play sports. Things would continue to move unless they hit anything in their way.
driving to work would be impossible, or anything else that moves in fact:
Automobiles, ships, and most aircraft would be useless: If you could get them moving, steering would be difficult, and stopping safely would be almost impossible or stop moving
It would be worse than trying to move around on wet ice. Everything would have to be tied down.
Also Important:
Writing on paper with a pen is also possible due to friction. Everyone and everything would be sliding all over the place, including the water in lakes, rivers, and oceans.
Gravity would become the major force, and the continents would become unstable

frictionless with weather
Without friction, the speed of the wind would not decrease or change direction.
The lack of friction in the higher part of the atmosphere will causes hurricanes and tornadoes to have higher and gustier upper level winds
You wouldn't feel the wind again. meteorites would not slow down or break apart so they will all hit the earth with the same mass that it had when it left space
In Conclusion:
In general life would be impossible. It would be very difficult, or impossible to pick up a coin from a flat surface. It would be difficult to pick up, and hold, a glass of water, and keep from spilling it.
Bad Moments
Basketball would be really entertaining to watch, but not fun to play. Friction allows the players' shoes to grip the floor, and their hands to grip the ball. Without friction they'd be falling down and they wouldn't be able to hang onto the ball.

Obviously, everything concerning the earths surface, and how its uses, would be different
Walking or standing would be impossible. The Only way to move without friction will be through force of reaction. One will need to push something to get motion in opposite direction. Then even to stop, they will need to collide with something. For changing direction also we need to apply force to something in the opposite direction.
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