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what are the diferent types of mars rovers that have been to mars

all about mars rovers

Iggy Binion

on 1 July 2011

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Transcript of what are the diferent types of mars rovers that have been to mars

What is a Rover ? Rovers are robotic space
vechicles that land on other
planets or moons to explore
the surface. They are controlled
by drivers on Earth but sometimes
they don't follow orders. Radio signals
take so long to travel from Earth to Mars
or Jupiter or other planets and moons that
a Rover could crash into a rock or fall off a
cliff long before it's driver could drive it to safety. A Mars Rover goes five centimeters per second. Above is the Rover named Spirit, which was launched in 2004. There has been three Mars Rovers sent to Mars. Their names were Spirit, Opportunity, and Sojourner.There is a new Rover going to Mars called Curiosity. In 2010 Spirit died because
in 2009 he fell in a ditch. While
he was stuck in there he
was used to check out the soil
that he was stuck in. Spirits Death The Rovers Sojourner was the first Mars Rover to get on
Mars in December 1996. What are the different types of Mars Rovers that have been to Mars? Spirit and Opportunity

In 2004 two Mars Rovers
called Spirit and Opportunity
were sent to study Mars. On the
journey, each Rover was folded
up inside a landing craft.Once on
Mars they unfolded and started
exploring the planet's surface.Solar
cells on top the Rovers made electricity
for their motors. Each Rover had a
mechanical arm at the front of them
that stretched out to study nearby rocks. Spirit Mars mission complete NASA'S Mars Rover, Spirit
has finished it's work on the
little red planet. Arriving in 2004
the Rover overcame many obstacles
it's mission was to find any traces of
water and past environments on the ancient
planet, Mars. The data Spirit collected will keep scientists busy for years to come. Spirit and Opportunity Spirit and Opportunity
were launched in January
2004, you might also notice that
I have two of the same picture, that's
because Spirit and Opportunity are
clones of each other with different names. Curiosity Curiosity is a Mars Rover
that is planned to launch sometime
in 2011. Sojouner The first ever Mars Rover was launched
in 1971. It's name was Mars 2 Prop-m
Rover, it failed. Future Rover
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