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Issues that Divided a Nation

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Natalie Tolentino

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Issues that Divided a Nation

Use Partner to help match up people and vocabulary

DUE TODAY - turn-in to bucket whatever have completed.

What you DON'T FINISH is.....HOMEWORK Vocabulary / Key Events South
Agriculture North
Industrial Economy John Brown Raid South
Slavery is important! North
No Slavery needed! Slavery South
State’s can say NO! North
United States is BEST State’s Rights Causes of the Civil War History - Vanston Middle School A Nation Divided To please the South
1. Fugitive Slave Act
2. Slavery still allowed To please the North
1. Mexican Cession (free)
2. California - free Compromise of 1850 South
White farmers, spread out, slaves, common people North
Immigrants, freed slaves crowded, abolitionists Cultural Differences South
Not fair – costs too much! North
Only helps us keep money in USA! Tariff Disputes Constitutional Union
1. John Bell
2. Compromise to save the Union Republicans
1. Abraham Lincoln
2. No slavery, Homestead Act, tariffs to protect industry 1860 Presidential Election Southern Democrat
1. John C. Breckinridge
2. Supports slavery Northern Democrat
1. Stephen Douglas
2. Popular Sovereignty should decide slavery issue 1860 Presidential Election Not Open to slavery = Bitterness between N & S Wilmot Proviso We are not gonna follow your rules! Fugitive Slave Act Runaway slaves could be captured and returned to South Uncle Tom's Cabin Like it - North
Disliked it - South Kansas - Nebraska Act State's decide if they want slavery or not Bleeding Kansas Letting State's decide did not work out and they fought over slavery Dred Scott Decision Sued for freedom - ruled as property - set back for North Election of 1856 James Buchanan - could not keep peace between North and South like promised Lincoln-Douglas Debates Debate over what to do about slavery Harper's Ferry Slave revolt led by John Brown - not successful but showed tension about slavery
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