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Outlooks on some different types of engineering jobs

Hugo Ochoa

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Engineering

Civil Engineers Design, construct, supervise, and operate large construction projects.

Civil engineers generally work in offices but also spend time outdoors at construction sites so they can monitor operations and fix problems on-site.
Consider construction costs, government regulations, potential environmental hazards, and other factors in planning stages and risk analysis
You need to go to a special program called ABET to be able to obtain a license which you would need in order to work as a professional engineer.
Civil engineering students into advanced topics, such as thermodynamics and structural analysis. They may have to complete courses of a design project, in which students assess structural integrity of materials. This may require the use of CAD programs to test their designs.

The starting salary for a Civil Engineer is around $79,340.00.
The highest pay possible for a Civil Engineer is $122,020.00.

Michaels career
Environmental engineer
Electrical engineer
Civil Engineering is not one of the jobs where you can move up in positions. A civil engineer can only move up in pay. There are no levels, if someone is a civil engineer they stay there. Unlike company branches where you move up or down in positions
There are many challenges facing civil engineers in the future like growing population, infrastructure that is deteriorating, preparing for the possibility of natural disasters, and updating of transportation systems to meet growing needs. Civil engineers will also have to change their ways of thinking. hey will have to change their usual ways of thinking to include the many new areas such as biotechnology, advanced communication and information technology. In the next circle are two pictures that are ideas of what types of structures civil engineers will be faced with helping build.
What does an environmental designer do
A environmental engineer is a person that build eco friendly places like parks water parks windmills and solar panels which sucks up the suns rays.
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines as well as power-using machines, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems also they also to do like elevators and escalators.
To become a environmental engineer you need to take 4 years of college and get a degree in environmental engineering.
Mechanical engineers must provide engineering designing and guidance along side other team members to develop better and more advanced ways of production of an object or tool also they must be able to solve complex problems and mechanical engineers must as well be able to work with other engineers.
What responsibilities does mechanical engineers have?
The amount of money you can get in this job is from 64,ooo to 80,000 dollars a year.
You would need a bachelor's degree for a mechanical engineering.
Degrees needed for mechanical engineering
The training and education for mechanical engineering.
Principles of mechanical engineering
Materials science
Electricity and magnetism
Electric circuits
Fluid mechanics
In environmental engineering there are not a lot of advancement opportunity so everybody does the same job and builds eco-friendly buildings
What we learn in technology helps us with engineering because we built cars and bridges and planes that we could build when we are older and if we choose that towards our careers choice
The future of environmental engineering is working outside on glass buildings or building futuristic water parks and parks
Design Engineer
The highest salary is $125,000. The starting salary is $65,606. With an average salary of $85,930.

The future for mechanical engineering
I think its going to be more harder, because we arre going to have better technology in the future.
My job is a desing engginer. In this job you will develop ideas for new products.
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