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Superflex's very cool five-step power plan

No description

Hayle Petersen

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Superflex's very cool five-step power plan

Superflex's very cool five-step power plan
Power #4
Flex DoBody
Power 1:
Decider taught Superflex that if he isn't sure which Unthinkable or Unthinkables are in his brain, he needs to "call in reinforcements." This means to get some help from someone!
Power # 2
Social Detective
Power # 5
Cranium Coach
Use Cranium Coach to encourage yourself to notice when you're doing something well or when you need to coach yourself to keep trying because you're not quite done with the task yet! Go ahead and tell yourself "good job" when you use any of the first four powers just described even if you weren't able to fully defeat your Unthinkable. You can use Cranium Coach to help you notice that you're improving even if you're not great at it yet! And, you can also use the coach to help you describe the things you did that helped you through the process!
Let's Review...
Social Detective
Flex DoBody
Cranium Coach
Power #3
Use Brakester once you've used your detective tools. You'll then be able to stop and think about the hidden rules. This will help you figure out what the expected behaviors are for the situation
Use Decider to stop, decide, and describe which Unthinkable is trying to overpower Superflex! Sometimes there's more than one Unthinkable.
use your Social Detective whenever you go into a social situation and call on your observation skills by using your detective toolbox. This will help you gather all of the critical clues to move to the next step
Use this flex and do power after you've described, decided, observed, and though about the expected behaviors for the situation. Then, you're ready to use flexible thinking to choose the right strategy or strategies to do what's expected.
1. Stop, decide, and describe your Unthinkable.
2. Observe the situation and people in it.
3. Stop and think about the hidden rules.
4. Flex and do your strategy.
5. Use self-talk to tell yourself you've done well.
Time to fill out your Unthinkable handout and draw your Unthinkable(s)
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