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Comity Web Agency

No description

Scott Silliman

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Comity Web Agency

Scott Silliman
About Me
Sophomore in CGT with a minor in CS and Management
Comity - Social Harmony
I found Comity as an unpaid internship on the ListServ
Relaxed atmosphere not 9-5
Huge opportunity to grow
Hard work made a difference
Summer Projects
Comity - After Hours
What happens when the office lights go out?
I <3 Music
Saint Joe High - South Bend
Get an Internship at Google
Transfer to MIT
Get a degree in CS
Get a PhD in AI
Make $$$
Go to Purdue for a year and get all A's
My Life all Planned Out
The New Plan!
Earn a Degree in CGT with minors from Purdue
Graduate With a Business
Go Beyond Class!
Dream Job ≠ Dream Job
How 'bout you?
Social Research Tool
Revolutionary UI
Cutting Edge Design
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