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Boston BuildOn Chapter

Trek to Senegal Thank You

Leidy Munera

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Boston BuildOn Chapter

Welcome Friends, Families, Boston BuildOn chapter and BPS Community
buildOn in Boston
Trek for Knowledge
What is Trek for Knowledge?
An opportunity for buildOn members to experience rural life in a developing country through travel to a buildOn school construction site
Trek Objectives :
Participate in the construction of a buildOn school
Cultural Immersion
Return Knowledge gained to U.S
Trek Team Members:
Trip Leader: Marc
Foeday, Fagie, and Francios
Ms. Tselengidis, Ms. Swonger, Ms. Fouhy
Boston Community Leadership Academy
Trizia Mallari
Sara Mendez
Jasmine Rosa
Mussuba Samati
Leidy Munera
Community Academy of Sceince and Health
Manica Thelusca
Tyler Jeanlouis
Fabiola Michel
Rooby Fortulien
Excel High School
Terrick Henry
Jovietth Ramos
Berstley Laguerre
Three Trek Leader:
Six Teacher Advisors:
Six Translators:
26 Students:
Two Villges:
Keur Ngodjie
26 Students
Two Villages
Approximately 8 hours in the air
Boston JFK, New York
JFK, New York Dakar, Senegal
Memorable Moments:
My siblings, they were the reason, motivation, and happiness of our Trek. - Jerson Familia
Family Bonding
- Ryan Alves
Call me twinkle toes!
- Tyler Jeanlouis
I’m grateful because I had the opportunity to be outstanding. People helped me so that I can help others.
-Terrick Henry
Life through his eyes.
-Jasmine Rosa
The people of Senegal taught us, by example, what true hospitality is. - Berstley Laguerre
The people with the least, can give away the most. My stay in Africa is something that changed my life. - Jackson Nguyen
Two different worlds become united as one.
- Ngoc Vu
Team A:
Trip Leader: Tiffany
Fadel, and Hassana
Ms. Pelletier, Ms. Fernandes, and Mr. Hailey
Boston Community Leadership Academy :
Amarielis Morales
Jerson Familia
Ambar Morales
Akira Austin
Community Academy of Science and Health
Alex Kabengele
Jamal Young
Ryan Alves
Nadja Harrell
Dejanell Ricks
Excel High School
Jackson Nguyen
Alina Rivera
Nogc Vu

Team B:
This little beautiful boy attempted to carry materials that weighed much more than he did, alongside me. He was always smiling and working and that until this day, makes me smile. - Mussuba Samati
Spending Time with my Host Family
-Rooby Fortulien
Two Villages
Keur Ngodjie
The best feeling in the world is realizing that you're perfectly happy without the things you thought you needed. -Sara Mendez
Playing games in the village.
- Fabiola Michel
Building (character)
- Alex Kabengele
Peace, Love and Happiness
- Jamal Young
Playing a number game with the children of the village.
- Amarielis Morales
It takes a village to raise a child
- Dejanell Ricks
This is one of the many important parts of my trip because it captured a picture of my very loving and kind family. -Trizia Mallari
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing
-Manica Thelusca

I learned the power of social interaction, communication and teamwork. My experience in Senegal taught me the value of unity.
- Alina Rivera
I don't always do everything right, but dancing with these children made it seem that I could do anything!
-Jovietth Ramos
One never values what it has until shown a life without it.
-Leidy Munera
Welcoming Ceremonies
Saying Good-bye:
Questions ?
Get involved
Thank You
Jere jef
This trip helped me become more courageous
- Akira Austin
Two Villages:
Keur Meth
Keur Ngodjie

- Nadja Harrell
One big family
- Ambar Mateo
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