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George Washington

No description

Kaitlyn Bennett

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of George Washington

Before the Presidency
He had private tutors.
He was a soldier and a planter and a businessman.

He was born on February 22, 1732.
Place: Popes creek, Virginia.
children: 4 adopted from first wives.
died: December 14, 1799
Place: Mount Vernon, Virginia
After The Presidential Years
He chose not to run again For a third time. He got tired and went home to Mount Vernon.
Fun Facts
George was in the American Revolution
When he was little George hated spelling.
he had many sets of false teeth that's why he always looks stern in his portraits.
George Washington
By Kaitlyn
The presidential years
He was the first President
he served two terms
He served eight years
his vice President was John Adams
I got this info from a book called George Washington it is by Anne Welsbasher.
I also got this info from a web site called George Washington.
The presidential years Cont.
George passed the bill of rights out. in 1793 Washington issued the statement of Neutrality. People agree with George's decisions about England. England stopped Americas ships and broke rules about how to sell and buy things from countries. George helped find a new capitol for the united states. The capitol was named after George. It was called Washington D.C.
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