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Figurative language in Island of the Blue Dolphins

No description

johanna latty

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Figurative language in Island of the Blue Dolphins

Figurative Language
chapter 12
chapter 14
chapter 15
Island of the Blue Dolphins
Alliteration: the morning was quiet except for the noise of the little birds flying from bush to bush and the cries of the gulls who did not like these strangers. (page 103)

Similes: the water was so clear that it was like the air around me. (page 102)
There were many hummers which can stand still in the air and look like bits of polished stone and have long tongues to sip honey with. (page 108)
It was made from strings of the yucca bush and had a small opening at the top and hung down like a pouch. (page 109)

Onomatopeia: (...) making their reep, reep sound. (page 110)

Personification: the dunes were covered with mats of sand flowers, which are red and have tiny eyes that are sometimes pink and sometimes white. (page 108)
(...)Flying to bush to bush and the cries of the gulls(...) (page 103)
(...) much sweeter than the cries of the gulls or the crows or the talk of the pelicans(...) (page 109)

chapter 17 and 18
Chapter 16
chapter 11
chapter 17
Figurative Language

- As though I were taking to one of my people- (page 97)
- I have never seen the ocean so calm and the sky looks like a blue shell. (page 97)
- ..., having larger eyes and fins that drifted out from their bodies like kelp. p.98
- There arms are so long as a man. (page 99)
(similes too)
- Tell me why it is that your are such handsome dog and yet such and thief. (page 97)
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