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Elem 4550- Landforms in Southeast U.S.

No description

Katie Trinks

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of Elem 4550- Landforms in Southeast U.S.

Landforms to Know Map of Southeast Region Landforms Appalachian Mountains Atlantic Coastal Plains A landform is any natural formation of rock and dirt, found on Earth.
Oldest mountains in North America
Mountain range runs across 15 states
Highest Point: Mount Mitchell in North Carolina (6,684 ft.)
Great Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains found in Southeast Region Boarded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean
Exists within 6 states in Southeast Region Piedmont Plateau Southeast Region of the United States References http://cg043.k12.sd.us/regions%20of%20the%20US%20webquest/southeast_region.htm
http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/namerica/usstates/lgcolor/nccolorlf.htm Mountains Valleys Plateaus Plains A mountain is a very tall high,
natural place on Earth. A plateau is a large, flat area of land
that is higher than the surrounding land. A valley is a low place between mountains. A plain is a large area of flat land. Great Smoky Mountains Blue Ridge Mountains Mount
Mitchell A swamp is similar to a lake but it is much shallower and allows plants to grow, reaching the surface. A plain is a large area of flat land. Map of North Carolina Can you believe they can all be found in N.C.? Between the Atlantic Coastal Plain and the Appalachian Mountains,
Nearly 300 miles wide in North Carolina
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