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Vasco Da Gama

The Explorer Of The Seas

Dhaarini Maheshbabu

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of Vasco Da Gama

The roots to his sucess
Where Did He Go ?
His Most Important Voyage...

It took him almost 1 year to reach his destination (which was India).

One of the things that he could be proud of was that he benefited all of Europe

Da Gama's first and second voyage was sponsored by King Manuel the First of Portugal and his final voyage was sponsored by King John the Third of Portugal

when he first became an explorer his main goal was to reach India, whatever it takes.

Da gama's first voyage was to find an sea route to India, which was actually Prince Henry's idea,
but he died before fulfilling his wish, so the responsibility was gone to Vasco Da Gama.

Da Gama and crew set sail from Lisbon, Portugal on July, 8th, 1947. They sighted Africa on
November, 1st, 1497, rounded the Cape of Good Hope on November 22nd. Then finally reached
Calicut, India on May, 20th, 1498.
Vasco Da Gama
It was a terrible voyage back to Portugal. The pilot could not be found, the monsoons were against them and the journey took three months. Da Gama's crew suffered terribly from scurvy and 30 men died. Only the kindness of the Sultan of Malindi saved the rest of the crew, with his gifts of fresh meat and oranges.

But now, with too few men alive to sail two ships, the St Raphael was burnt. Keen to get home, the adventurers rounded the Cape of Good Hope on 20 March 1499, and sailed up the west coast of Africa. Paolo Da Gama ( Da Gama's brother ) , who had been very compassionate to the sick and ailing throughout the voyage, finally succumbed to illness himself, and died on the Azores.
Petrie, Kristin. Vasco Da Gama. Minnesota: ABDO Publishing Company
Who Is He ?
Dhaarini Maheshbabu

Dharshini Maheshbabu
Social Studies

Vasco Da Gama
His full name is Vascus De La Gamacus
The country Portugal sponsored him which is also the country he is originally from
He was born in Sines, Portugal in sometime around the 1460's
And sadly died on the Eve of Christmas, December 24, 1524 in Kochin, India, due to the disease of Malaria.
Da Gama learned math and navigation, because he got a bit interested in exploring. And this happened to be just when King Manuel the First assigned him to the task of sailing and leading a crew of 170 crewmembers.
His famous discovery was to find an sea route to India (from Portugal.
What Did He Do ?
King John the Third
King Manuel the First
And that was his most important journey of all......
Although Da Gama had returned with a small amount of goods that could be traded, Da Gama brought back a much more valuable commodity, a sea route to India. The door was open and the Portuguese intended to use it to its fullest.
Bailey, Katharine. Vasco Da Gama : Quest For The Spice Trade. 1980
Vasco da Gama and his fleet sailed from Lisbon on 8 July 1497. Da Gama and crew took 4 ships on their journey: The Sao Gabriel, on which Da Gama sailed, the Sao Rafael, the Berrio, and a storeship. Bartholomew Diaz
himself acted as pilot to the Canary Islands.
They had been out of sight of land for 13 weeks. Two days later, they rounded the Cape of Good Hope and landed at Mossel Bay. While their stay there the store ship was burnt, and the supplies was re-distributed among the other ships.

Moving slowly north east against a strong south-westerly current, up the coast until, on March 2nd, 1948 they sailed into the port of Mozambique. When Da Gama tried to trade with the ruling Sultan, his paltry gifts were scorned. Despite sparing no expense to equip the expedition. They sailed on to Mombassa in the hope of more lucrative trade, but fared no
better there. Fortunately, the ruler of Malindi was more welcoming, and during his stay there Da Gama recruited a knowledgeable and efficient pilot, possibly the great Arab navigator:
Ahmed Ibn Majid, to show the explorers the route to India.
That was the journey of Vasco Da Gama
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