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5 Types of Imagery

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Danny Ledezma

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of 5 Types of Imagery

The 5 Types of Imagery Auditory Kinesthetic Visual This type of imagery pertains to sounds This type of imagery deals with all things regarding touch, temperature, movement, or feelings.

Examples would include:
Imagining yourself running up and down the court
Conjuring up the emotions of making those crucial free throws late in the game.
Feeling the heat of the gym that you're playing in.
Feeling the basketball as you get ready for the tip off. This type of imagery pertains to sight.

So now, close your eyes and try:

Seeing the ball go into the basket from the free throw line.
Seeing yourself make the proper pass to your teammate in transition.
Seeing yourself hustling down the court to get back on defense.
Seeing yourself winning the game. Visual
Gustatory Olfactory Gustatory Prime examples include:

Listening to the crowd as they cheer.
Hearing your teammates as they call for the ball
Listening to the coach telling you what plays to run
Hearing the heckling of the other players as you try to make your shots. This type of imagery deals with smells.

Examples may include:

The smell of the rubber of the basketball
The fresh smells of the clean uniforms at the beginning of the games.
The snack shack cooking up some popcorn and hot dogs.
The horrendous smell of the player you have been forced to guard for the entire game. This type of imagery deals with the sense of taste.

Examples include:

The taste of your pre-game snack to stay energized.
The flavor of your Gatorade during timeouts and halftime.
Maybe even the sweat dripping from your forehead in the middle of the game.
After you win the game, the coach decides to take all of you out for dinner and savor the taste of victory
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