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Roopam Chandi

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of OpenStack

Roopam Chandi
Nirojan Kanagasabapathy
Mohammed Alamri
Prasanna Kandavel
Rishley Coutinho

Performance Analysis
OpenStack Cost Reductions

OpenStack Vs Other technologies
A free open-source cloud computing software platform.

Deployed as an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution.

It is a cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter.

Managed through a dashboard by the admin via web interface.

Found in 2010 by NASA and Rackspace Hosting

Source: http://www.openstack.org/software/
Swift is a scalable object-based storage system that creates petabytes of reliable storage using standard servers.

Stores content and metadata as objects that can be created and modified through its API.

Adding new servers provide horizontal scalability to storage clusters.

Provides redundancy through replicating data from other active nodes to a new location, in case of a server or hard-drive failure.

Objects and files are stored on multiple disk drives that are spread throughout the servers in data center.

Provides data replication and integrity across the storage clusters.
3 main components:
Tools such as Apache Hadoop are used to process big data
Services like IaaS compute platform or higher are offered by the service providers
For business units and project teams, IT departments play the role of cloud service providers
In order to meet the increasing demand of web resource and applications, compute scales up and down
Intensive workloads and diverse processing is delivered through high-performance computing (HPC) environments
Licensing Costs
There are no licensing costs

OpenStack is a free open-source cloud computing software platform
Provides discovery, registration and delivery services for server images. It catalogs and manages large numbers of server images.

Stored images can be used for templates and to catalog unlimited back ups.

Its API uses a standard REST interface for query purposes.

Glance efficiently and quickly adapts new behaviors, making it a component based

Provides fault tolerance through isolated processes that avoid failures. Adds enhancements when integrated with other virtualized technologies (Offers vMotion, DRS and high availability to vSphere).

Is a Compute module; does not store images, variations or instances
Image Service
- OpenStack is growing fast because its ability to save costs for many companies

- Reduces the cost of running a data center
- No licensing costs like mentioned earlier
- Ongoing maintenance saves upgrades costs such as CPU’s, disk drives,
memory etc.
- Overhead and optimize storage management
- Storage acceleration applications that integrate date duplications, thin
provisioning, and data compression reduce costs by decreasing capacity

- Platform flexibility with many vendors and third party technologies.

- Faster deployment.

- Self-service portal reduces procurement and hardware setup times

- Cost and time efficient to maintain and keep everything updated

- Scales to thousands of computer nodes so it
can continue to scale when other compute solutions can’t.

- Massive scalability
Improving Availability of Resources
- Has the ability to write to the main database while maintaining the disaster

- OpenStack Stateless System uses a backup for main system as redundant system concurrently.

- 'Neutron' plug-in for OpenStack allows open source tools and commercial products to act as networking back-ends.

- Multi-zone support allows separate, redundant cloud environments to be created that can provide addition levels of available and fault tolerance.

• Live migration is able to process faster and lower downtime in comparison to block live migration, although it can be unreliable in the case that the VM has memory intensive activities

• Block live migration in certain cases exhibited better reliability but longer migration and VM downtime

• Deploy guests instances on the system within seconds

• Can process over 90,000 Input/Output Operations per Second during peak hour of network usage.

• Over all performance wise, it can handle a good amount of load in terms of cloud environment.
Performance Analysis
Hong Kong CyberPort Management Company Limited
Cyberport is a digital community with a community of 300 digital tenants, owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government

Equipped with state of the art ICT facilities and broadband network

Holds four Grade A intelligent office buildings, 5 star design hotel and rentail entertainment complex.

Company Profile
No vendor lock-in required by proprietary standards and APIs
Lowers cost of ownership due to point above
Increased security due to variability in standards and API use.
CyberPort is the only company that facilitates its client with extreme networking, programming and digitizing business scenarios

Following are the instances that CyberPort uses OpenStack for

Social media
Game based programming
Computer intensive geospatial information
Mapping Services

CyberPort uses different OpenStack’s element for their cloud computing

OpenStack Compute provides the software, control panels, and APIs required to orchestrate a cloud, including running instances, managing networks, and controlling access through users and projects

CyberPort also saved a huge budget on storage by using OpenStack Object Storage

Below you can see what OpenStack Module uses by CyberPort.

OpenStack Technologies used by CyberPort
- OpenStack remains the largest and most active open source cloud service . Major
vendors are using and supporting their service.

- Main and very similar competitor is CloudStack that also runs under Apache 2.0

- Compared to CloudStack , OpenStack is more complex with deployments but it has advanced networking capabilities and better performance

- CloudStack's primary storage is comparable to OpenStack's nova-volume as it
supports multiple disk formats and would be just as scalable although, it is not as flexible as OpenStack's "glance" in terms of secondary storage

- Cloud Stack also does not have its own object storage as compared to OpenStacks Swift
- 300 Digital Tenants
- 421.3HK Million revenue for 2012-2013
-125 Industry awards won
-21-100 employees
-Headquarters: Hong Kong
"We always knew we wanted to build a cloud and deliver data, voice and video services to local technology start-ups on a utility basis. However, with so many open-source options available, we didn’t really know where to start.” - CTO (Dr. David Chung) or Cyberport
Dr. Chung became aware of the OpenStack project in 2011, and decided to evaluate the project as a potential foundation for CyberPort

After trials, CyberPort decided to build its live cloud on OpenStack and the Ubuntu 12.04 LTR

And Today :
20 Local Cinemas are streaming live content via the cloud
30 Schools are using the cloud to render their animation projects

OpenStack VS other technologies Continued...
Unlimited Storage​
Uses horizon, web based graphic interface to create and manage resources
Scale-out Architecture with Multi-Dimensional Scalability​
Built-in management Utilities​
HDD/node failure agnostic​
Drive auditing for detecting drive failures​
Supports NetApp, Nexenta and SolidFire​
Elastic data scaling​
Real-time visibility into client requests
Increasing Efficiency
A cloud computing fabric controller that provisions large networks of virtual machines and provides on-demand computing resources to enterprises and service providers.

Designed to work with other virtualized technologies, bare metal and high-performance computing configurations.

KVM and XenServer are few of the multiple hypervisors used to deploy OpenStack Compute.

Computer's architecture provides horizontal scalability with standard hardware
This benchmark is in accordance to
that as of 2014, openstack beats all other open source cloud platform in cost, scalability and VM deployment rate.

More of a reason to deploy and test it on a SME which could grow into a medium size or even larger size company in the future.
Now Cyberport offers to its entire business community efficient operations through the following features of cutting-edge technology:

1. Restful open API /CLI for each site
2. Ecosystem friendly open API for the unified multi-site cloud
3. Incubators
4. They can deliver value to their customers

Best Overall Open Source Cloud Project
Good through put: It supports more client nodes and still functions with an average throughput rate without impacting the main storage’s performance that includes I/O operations

With the chart display above, it can be justified that deploying a vm on OpenStack should be really fast and reliable

Source: http://www.slideshare.net/ben_duyujie/cosbench-apac
Test OpenStack* Swift Performance
Source: http://www.openstack.org/user-stories/hong-kong-cyberport-management-company-limited/
(based on OpenStack Folsom)
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