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365 Health Service Consultants

No description

karri dares

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of 365 Health Service Consultants

Health Service Consultants

Project Scope
The scope of this project is to develop an effective course of action for the Borlein Area Health Board for health services in the region through to the year 2020

The project must take into consideration the projected population growth and demographic changes and find the optimal distribution of resources amongst the various hospitals and health centres within the region

During implementation of the project the aim is to ideally increase the relationship and functionality between the services within the region to ultimately achieve a higher level of care for the region’s population

The project must also align with the current government standards and policies for health care.
comm feedback

Increase community health service resources in Mattrassyl and Oisolima.

Implementation Plan

Ben Reid (11481494)
Karri Dares (11468523)
John Morrell (11629197)
Kelvin Kaiming (11505688)
Abdulmohsin Alghifaili (11518762)

Oldorando and Ottassol hospitals developed to become major hospitals for Borlein region based on projected capacity requirements.
Convert Matrassyl into specific aged care facility.
Convert Oisolima into specific maternity/pediatric facility.
Increase emergency services throughout region.
Develop Oldorando into major hospital hub.
Increase emergency services throughout region including new ambulance services
Increase community health service resources in Oisolima, Mattrassyl and Ottassol.
Patient relocation services provided from Oldorando to minor hospitals for recovery.
No bed increases to Oisolima, Mattrassyl and Ottassol.
Milestone Plan (represented by black vertical lines on chart)

July 2013 – Completion of approval and design

Jan 2015 – Completion of extension and refurbishment of Oldorando hospital.

Jan 2016 - Completion of extension and refurbishment of Ottassol hospital.

July 2017 – Completion of conversion of Matrassyl hospital to aged care facility.

July 2018 – Completion of conversion of Osoilima to maternity / paediatric hospital.

Jan 2019 - Completion of project.

Completion of project.
Cost / Benefit Analysis

Benefits Map
Risks & Mitigation Strategies
Key Issues
Projected growth for the Borlein Region illustrates the need for changes to health services in the region.

There is an increasing number of residents aged over seventy especially around the Matrrasyl and Sunkist regions putting aged care facilities in the region under pressure

With the opening of the new highway it is anticipated that the Osoilima will see a growth in young famlies that will require specialised maternity & pediatric care

Projected bed requirements for the region it is apparent that some hospitals require more pressing attention.

Address community’s opinions and concerns to achieve a higher level of care for the region’s population

Cost Analysis
Cost / Benefit Analysis & Justification
Quality Management

Provides a wider range of benefits across the entire region;

Addresses a wider range of concerns from stakeholders. E.g.;
Community - availability of Maternity beds, having a dedicated centre in an area with a growing family population;
Community - availability of Aged Care beds, having a dedicated Centre in an area with a growing aged population at Matrassyl;
Board members - maintaining significance of each hospital in the region further developing all hospital’s facilities;

Essentially provides more services to the growing population.

Option 1 also provides;
Additional Ambulance Services close to accident prone areas of Osoilima;
Roaming health service professionals;
Patient Family Transport System;
Increased beds to Oldorando Hospital;
Option A addresses all key issues identified in the Project Scope and is an effective strategy for the Borlein Region in planning for the future beyond 2020.

Option B does not address all of the key issues identified and is only as temporary solution.

Benefits Analysis
Stage 1 – 6 months
- Development and Construction Approvals
- Design

Stage 2 – 1.5 years
Construction at Oldorando Hospital (65 new medical beds, 2 new imaging rooms fully fitted out)

Stage 3 – 1 year
Construction at Ottassol Hospital (4 refurbished beds, 23 new medical beds and 2 new imaging rooms with equipment from Matrassyl relocated)
Increase the Acute Health service level from 3 to 4.
- Emergency service upgrades (new ambulance station at Osoilima and 4 new ambulances)

Stage 4 – 1.5 years
Construction at Matrassyl Hospital (refurbishment of entire facility to aged care specific beds)
Emergency department maintained
Heritage management plan implemented
Upgrade to existing IT system
Establishment of community services throughout region (leasing of commercial space for roaming health care professionals)
Establishment of patient family transport service throughout region

Stage 5 – 1year
Construction at Osoilima Hospital (refurbishment of entire facility to maternity / paediatric specific beds)
Emergency department maintained
Upgrade to existing IT system, A/C system, fire protection / detection system

Stage 6 – 6 months
Final project close out
Implementation and Training

Throughout the process, the following review points will be undertaken to identify how the project is progressing and whether there are any quality issues that need to be addressed
These points will be referenced back to the Quality Plan and appropriate control and Assurance measure undertaken.
Gateway Review Process
Stakeholder/Community Engagement Plan
Major Stakeholders and their Requirements
Stakeholder Analysis
Example Risks
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