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The Advantages and disadvantages of Playing Soccer

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dominic g

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The Advantages and disadvantages of Playing Soccer

Advantage 1
Advantage 2
Disadvantage 1
Disadvantage 2
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Soccer
Have you ever wanted to play a sport but just not sure which one to play ? There are advantages and disadvantages of playing soccer .
Soccer Can Keep You Healthy And Fit
Help you lose weight
Keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle
Can improve your sports performance
You Can Get Injured
You can get a concussion
Pull a muscle
Break a bone
You Can Play Recreational Soccer or Travel Soccer
You can meet new people and make friends
You play with the same people on the team
You learn new things
You May Not Make The Travel Team Or May Not
Have The Money To Play Recreational Soccer
You can't play for a team
You won't know what it's like to play for a soccer team
You don't get to play what you love
There are several advantages and disadvantages of soccer . It can keep you healthy and fit , but you can get injured while playing the sport . You can get a choice of playing for a recreational team or a travel team , but you might not be able to make the travel team or might not have the money to play for a recreational league .
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