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No description

Denae Marinelli

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of dogs

dogs are very good pets for a family.

dogs are fun,lovable, interesting etc.
what is a dog mix

A dog mix is when two different dog breeds mix and make a new breed.
for example:poodle+shih tzu=shih-poo

boston terrier
toy poodle

You should start by teaching your dog simple commands like sit stay and lay down.

To teach your dog to sit you can hold up a treat then show or say a command that will mean sit after that you can help him or her sit down.
You can use the same strategy for lay down.

To teach your dog to stay you should make her sit or lay down and slowly walk away if she gets up that means your to far or that you toke long.

you can also teach your dog fun tricks like roll over and shake.
Is your pup geting into trouble?
quip your shoes in a place that your pup cant
2. make sure that their is nothing on the floor that your puppy would want to chew up
3.make sure to also push away any food on the eges of your counters
4.for example train your pup that wen you say drop it he will drop it
5.most importentlit make sure that your dog knows that you are the boss
New pup

if you deside that you want a dog, your house has to be ready. Start with buying a dog bed ,food bools,toys,a cenale, a leash and a coller. Then if you want you can also buy sum poop bags and maybe a brush depending on how much fur your dog has
First things first
Play time
Wen you first bring your new puppy home she will probably be scared so you have to be really nice to her and don't yell. Show her the parts of the house that you will allow her to go in. Make sure that your puppy is comfortable.
first you should titch your dog that wen you are playing she's not allowed to nip or bite. So if she dose gently say "no", turn away and stop playing then after about 1 or 2 minutes go back and start playing again.
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