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bob bill

on 9 November 2010

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Transcript of Moon

The Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The moon is 2,159 miles in diameter which is four times smaller than the diameter of the Earth. The Sun is about 416 times larger than the Moon. The closest the Moon can be to the Earth is 221,463 miles away and the furthest it can be away is 251,968 miles away. It would take 1.5 seconds to get to the Moon traveling at the speed of light. The Moon interacts with the Earths tides which is why we have high and low tide, because it differs how close it is. An interesting thing we found about
the Moon is that it has different seasons
like Earth. The moon has different seasons because
of it's 3 degree tilt on it's axis. A significant thing about the moon is
that it is the largest moon according to
the size of the planet it orbits. The moon was never discovered
but the first man to walk on the
moon was Niel Armstrong in 1969.
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