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End of the Year Procedures

No description

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of End of the Year Procedures

Before you leave New Haven...
Year-end student organization and journal procedures
Don't spend anymore of your $$!
As you plan study breaks, year end gatherings, board transitions, please try to use one of the Student Affairs credit cards or use vendors that invoice! Reimbursements take longer at the end of the year.
Get your $$ back!
Submit your reimbursement requests asap! You can do this online, via email, or in person. We'll need original receipts for purchases $75 or more. We'll need names of participants if 10 or fewer.
Summer Contact and New Leadership
Please fill out the online form at the link below to provide summer contact information for your group! If you have not shared your new leadership with me, please share via email.
** Touching Base **
If you are available to meet after you finish with papers & exams but before you leave New Haven, I would be happy to schedule a time to touch base and hear about your thoughts for next year!
Looking forward
I'll send another Prezi around to discuss the year-end reporting, the 2016-17 budgeting process, and OSA resources for next year.

For now, know that annual reports and budget proposals for student organizations won't be due until about one month after exams - so end of June!

Request the credit card through the link below:

See a list of vendors who invoice at the link below
Link to the reimbursement request form below:
Good Luck with your papers and exams!!
staying connected
We know reaching out to alums who were a part of your group is important. In order to facilitate this, we need your help. Please provide me with a list of your membership from this year. An excel spreadsheet would be great!
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