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Tova G - ASSURE Model Prezi

EDU 562 ASSURE Model Prezi Assignment

Tova Greene

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Tova G - ASSURE Model Prezi

The ASSURE Model of Learning Analyze Learners State Standards & Objectives Select Strategies, Technology, Media & Materials General Characteristics List curriculum and technology standards to be achieved Selecting Strategies Integrating Technology and Media into Instruction Tova Greene
EDU 562
2/12/2013 Entry Competencies Learning Styles Grade, age level, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic factors, attitudes, interests Knowledge, skills, attitudes about the topic Psychological traits that determine how the learner interacts with their environment: multiple intelligences, perceptual preferences, strengths, motivation -Focus on the learner, not the teacher -Use behaviors that reflect real world concerns Audience: Identify intended learners for whom objectives are intended
Behavior: Behavior or capability to be demonstrated; use an action verb to describe this
Condition: Circumstances under which skill is taught; include materials or tools learner uses to perform
Degree: Degree of accuracy or proficiency Describe the learning objectives using the ABCD format Selecting Technology & Media Selecting, Modifying, or Designing Materials Utilize Technology, Media & Materials 1. Preview the technology, media and materials
2. Prepare the technology, media and materials
3. Prepare the environment
4. Prepare the learners
5. Provide the learning experience Require Learner Participation Require active mental engagement by learners
Engage learners in practice of new knowledge or skills
Support learning with technology and media
Provide performance feedback prior to formal assessment
Evaluate & Revise Use traditional and authentic assessments to determine learner achievement of stated standards and objectives
Examine the entire instructional process and the impact of using technology and media
If discrepancies between learning objectives and student outcomes are identified, revise the lesson plan to address the areas of concern A procedural guide for planning and delivering instruction that integrates technology and media into the teaching process
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