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3D Animation - Research


Alex Smithson

on 30 December 2009

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Transcript of 3D Animation - Research

Maya Z Brush Sub Division Modelling Box Modelling Nurbs Maya is a 3D modelling software package which is used in a lot of
films such as, Ice Age Pixar Process Idea Pitch zA pixar employee pitches their idea to the other members of the development team like a sales pitch to sell the idea. They have to get the audience to see the possibilities of their idea. Text Treatment Its a short doucment which summarizes the idea of the main story. Storyboards Storyboards are created to plot out the idea as visuals with using the text treatment to draw it out. Voice Talent This is when they start to record some voices for the scenes to go with the storyboards, they have a script to read from, and they can also improvise. They also have to record them saying the script in several different ways. Once done they sometimes get actors in to redo the voices or sometimes they voice has been so good it hasn't been changed, for example Wheezy from Toy Story 2. Pixar Process
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