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Physics 2014

Introduction to Physics at C2C

Jordan Lai

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Physics 2014

Welcome to Physics

A rabbit hole to discover with some light and knowledge

Car and real life examples

Car collisions and safety
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
600 B.C.
We have a strong community feel that allows students and teachers to share conversation and ideas without embarrassment or fear. Each of our teachers are dedicated workers who aim to provide students the means to achieve their potential.
At C2C
The World Communicates
Moving About
Electricity in the Home
Cosmic Engine
Preliminary HSC course
As preliminary students you will be completing a set list of learning outcomes from the Physics syllabus. A total of 120 hours and over 100 learning outcomes to master. Outcomes will be tested through examinations, practical experiments and home research assignments.

It is a very dense topic.
Assessments and
Practical Experiments
With C2C
1st step
2nd step

Voltmeters and Ammeters

Energy and Resources


Charges, Current / Resistances
What is Physics?
Year 12 HSC
Core: Space
Motors and Generators
Ideas and Implementation

Option topics: Medical Physics
Quantum to Quarks
Can you see the light?
Individual and personal learning
Support in understanding Physics
School homework and assignments
Preparation for Examinations
These 4 topics need to be completed within 3 terms.
The Board of Studies allocate 8 weeks per topic, however, they take about 10 weeks (a full term). So beginning the prelim course early is the best way allow slow and steady learning progress.
Four separate topics, 30 hours each, total 120 hours
Over 100 syllabus dot points
Formal calculations and description of theory
Examinations and Assignments
Practical experiments and research tasks
We aim to provide a satisfying learning experience,
every lesson you will take home a new thought about
Physics and it's application to life. Appreciating Physics and education is a lifetime lesson.
Energy transformations
and communications

Waves and digital signals

Speed of light and radiations
Further details into sound and light, behaviours and properties.

Method of communications
Information and technology

Further applications
- Internet
- CD/DVD storage
Newton's Law

Vectors, Distances and Speed
Frictional forces
Circular forces

Energies and Momentum
Electricity in the home

Energy Bills
Energy devices
Electrical Circuits and Safety
History of the Solar System

Progressions and developing understandings.

From 600 B.C. to Now
Development of the Universe

Big Bang Theory
Einstein and Hubble

Birth of star and planets
Life sequence of stars

Types of stars
Black Holes, White Dwarf, Blue giants

The Sun's behaviour and effects on Earth
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