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A Vietnamese Composer

It's Duong Thu. Sorry 'cause this is just the background for a speech, so there aren't many informations.

Debby Nguyen

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of A Vietnamese Composer

He was born on Febuary 2, 1943 in Hanoi, Vietnam. 3 MUSIC and SOUND We are going to introduce a very famous
composer.. By Debby
Skye It's Duong Thu, he's a very famous composer in Vietnam Duong Thu works as a songwriter
and a free singer. MY LINH THANH LAM I Love You!!! Duong Thu is also popular
for writing classical music,
and especially, love songs about Hanoi. Some of his famous songs are:
Hoa mi hot trong mua, Mong
ve Hanoi, Lang nghe mua xuan
ve, Bay vao ngay xanh, etc. He said: "I awaken myself". "I have
never dreamed to be a composer". Let's watch a clip! Thanks for watching! Bang Kieu Do you know where
does Duong Thu
come from? or Let's move on
to the interesting
part... Do you know
who did Duong Thu
cooperated with? Name at least 3 of
his famous songs? Do you like his songs?
Why? He also worked with
Arlene Estrella to
create the album name
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