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AIESEC Journey

The experience every AIESEC member should have.

Elena Fernández

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of AIESEC Journey

Don't know yet: AIESEC Journey
Team Member Program
It is one of the ways in which you can start on your path towards leadership development. In this program you will be introduce to a practical team experience in one of the functional teams.
Team Leader Program
This experience will develop in you the concepts of team building and management.You get to direct and guide other members in their work.
Global Community Development Program
Global Internship Program
This program is the most intense learning experience that we offer through our network. It offers professional development of a member and assist them to specialize in a certain field work.
The length is between 6 to 78 weeks.
In this phase the members are introduced to the world of AIESEC and the different programs they can be part of in order to gain an integrated international leadership experience.
Info Sessions
Non exchange products
AIESEC provides its members with an
integrated development experience
comprised of
leadership opportunities,

international internships
and participation in a
global learning environment.
Engagement with AIESEC
Experimental leadership development
This is the core service center where the members can experience leadership through different teams and international internships.
• Practical hard and soft skill development
• Team work experience
• Global network
Personal and professional development
Create a strategy of work
Ensure realization
Support your team members in their development
This program/ internship is focused on creating positive impact working abroad for social and community development projects like NGOs, schools, or charities on the front line.
The length is between 6 to 78 weeks.
Life-long Connection
AIESEC conferences are opportunities for our membership to commit to the power of what we stand for, and to experience the strength of our network come together to create an intense learning experience.

They are not an leadership role, but yes an opportunity to develop that role and have a cultural and learning experience.

Each year we deliver over 500 national and international conferences.
Induction Seminars
1-3 day conference for new members
Learning about AIESEC as an organization
Planning the individual AIESEC learning experience
Preparation Seminars
1-3 day conference for outgoing exchange members
Providing cross-cultural literacy skills
Preparing for the internship and setting goals

National Conferences
3-7 day conference for all national members
Bringing together all members of the local committees
Engaging in nation-wide topics and learning sessions
International conferences
5-7 day conference for local and national leaders
Developing strategies and international direction
Building leadership, networks and cooperation
RIS (Regional Induction Seminar)
NIS (National Induction Seminar)
OPS (Outgoing Preparation Seminar)
Functional Camps
NatCo (National Conference)
SummerCo (Summer Conference)

IC (International Congress)
ILC (Iberoamerican Leadership Congress)
National Congresses of other countries
Application forms released.
If chosen... Go and enjoy.
Some conferences are specialized for certain members.

To develop strategies
Get practical knowledge and training
Be an ambassador
Connect with people
Be a trainer or facilitator.
Connect with experts and companies
Why you should attend AIESEC conferences?

Sugar Cubes
Gossip Box or
Dr. Love Box
Shouts and
Roll Calls
AIESEC presents each of its alumni a platform for continuous growth thus enabling them to make a constant positive impact on society.
How do you become a delegate?
Global Village


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