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Horse training career

How i am going to get a job training horses

Janna Riley

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Horse training career

Horse training
is what I want to do with
My future Career: Horse training.
By Janna Riley
Central Huron Secondary School
Teacher: Mr. Zachar
Due date: January 21 2013 Background: Why have you selected this career? What personal values does it satisfy? (Refer to Influences/Values)
• I’ve selected this career because since I was little I have been working with horses.
• Horses are miss understood animals who should be treated correctly, everyone says horses are big scary dangerous animals who should be dealt with that’s why I am devoting my career to training horse to show people there not that dangerous after all.
• You haven’t experience life until you have bareback on a horse at full speed on a sandy beach.
• If you don’t understand why I want this job then you don’t know me very well. Education: Give an example of a program you can take to pursue this career. What are the credentials? List two schools that have the program required to obtain the credentials for this school. How long does the program take? (For example, study Computer Animation at Sheridan College for four years and receive a BA.) What courses at high school are recommended?
Source of information:
School 1:
• You don’t have to have any schooling.
• You have to have experience with horses, witch I do.
• You have to have volunteer work with horses.
• You also have to know how to train the horses. Responsibilities:
What are the on-the-job duties and responsibilities for this job?
Sources of information:
• Feed the horses.
• water the horses.
• Groom the horses.
• Clean the horses stalls.
• Let the horses out to the pasture.
• Train the horses. Financial Reward:
Provide an approximate pay scale for this career. How will you be financially compensated? How much does a person starting out in this career compared to someone with experience? What are different levels?
Sources of information:
• Theirs four levels.
• Level one: is to find someone who is wiling to pay you to train their horses how to take a rider.
• Level two: train the horse to take a bridle.
• Level three: train the horse to take a saddle.
• Level five: Get on the horse so its use to the weight.
• You roughly get paid 70 bucks pure training session. Employers & Working Conditions: Who are your potential employers? (Government? Private business? Trade companies? Self-employed?) What are the working conditions for this job?
Sources of information:
• Horse training is a private business.
• But it’s also a trade company and self-employed.
• working conditions are dirty and you can’t have lots of stress because the horses can sense your stressed and that makes them stressed.
• You have to be brave because you could be trampled. Trends & Future Outlook: How will trends affect the world of work for the career you have selected? What is the future outlook of the career you have selected? What is the unemployment rate? What is recommended you do to compete in this field? (Job Futures website)
Sources of information:
• unemployment rate is low because you don’t hear about horse trainers that offend.
• Its recommended that you have some experience with horses and you have to have volunteer hours working on a horse farm.
• I think if I become a horse trainer I can help the horses understand what their owners are looking for in them and I am hoping I help the owners understand the horses better. Experiences: What related experiences do you have to prepare yourself for this career? For example, you want to be a Youth Worker and you have experience babysitting.)
• I have grown up around horses my whole life.
• I have been riding horses since I was 4.
• I ride in rodeos now.
• I have worked on a horse ranch.
• I have trained horses before. Action Plan: What specific things will you do to prepare for this career? Will you take co-op? Will you volunteer to gain some experience? What courses should you take in high school? What will you do after high school? How will you pay for your education?
• To have this career all I have to have is a grade 12 diploma. Barriers: What potential barriers could you face in achieving your career goals? (For example, getting high enough marks in math.) What strategies will you use to deal with these challenges? (For example, get a math tutor.)
• I have a goal to find a new job on horse ranch training wild mustangs out west. Conclusion: Explain why this career is suitable for you. Explain what achievements, interests, skills, intelligences, personality and learning type you are that relates to this career.
• I am hands on and I like being outdoors and learning new stuff about how I can help someone or something.
• You have to have skills such as a good calm voice that is steady. A girl braking a horse Horses in the pasture Horses first time being riden one of the many dirty jobs you have to do Join up with the horse and owner My Horse Dixie and I Wild mustangs out west The outdoors The end
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