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Differentiation for the General Music Classroom

presentation for interview at Westinghouse College Prep

Laura Gamble

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Differentiation for the General Music Classroom

Differentiating Lesson Plans Each student is different and has different needs, so varied methods are required. (Let's avoid this.) Projects! Projects work well for differentiated instruction because the teacher can clearly delineate each student's role, as to address each student's needs. Be interactive! Multiple Intelligences www.MsGamblesPage.com linguistic bodily/kinesthetic logical/mathematical spatial musical interpersonal intrapersonal naturalistic Musical skills read write move improvise listen play sing Today's song:
Fabel by Robert Schumann Lesson: Blues 1. Listen - respond individually, followed by a question-guided activity 2. Sing/Play - perform a brief example of blues music. If they don't want to sing, they can play percussion. 3. Write - write a new verse to the song just performed 4. Read - sightread a bassline together 5. Improvise - some students continue with the bass line, others take turns improvising a solo using the blues scale Sample Lesson Activities Ultimate Goal engage each individual student
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