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Business Presentation

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Carsten Wagener

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of Business Presentation

Office Locations
Main Office: New York, 10016 NY
Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals with experience in the pharmaceutical and finance industries.
About Us
Central Location
Production Facilities
With main offices in New York, we are centrally located to cater the United States, Canada and the Americas.

Being a hub, New York is the ideal location for our import and supply activities across the globe.
Eco Pharma International Technology's fabrication facilities produce and ship pounds of product annually. Engineers, designers, metallurgists and technicians work collaboratively to produce sophisticated products of the highest quality.

Aluminum Packaging

We supply a full range of aluminum with a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes, cut with the specified width , this material is ideal for packaging of capsules, tablets and lozenges in blister .

Common uses are for complex laminates with 2 or more layers, for envelopes and packaging of powders, granules, liquids and creams.


We import and supply cold formed foil (alu-alu blister) which represents the new generation in pharmaceutical packaging, it's the material with best barrier performance at present, can absolute resist vapor, oxygen and UV rays, good performance of aroma barrier.

Each blister is a single protection unit
No effect to barrier after opening first cavity
Especially suitable for drugs that easy to be affected in wet regions and tropics
Cold formed foil can be shaped in various appearance by changing mold
Cold formed foil packaging has been alias of high grade drug
High quality appearance helps selling
Cold Formed Foil

Another part of the packaging and supply materials is PVC or PVC + PVDC, available in different weights and measures. These are characterized by high resistance to chemical agents , providing an excellent barrier against moisture and gases , showing a unique thermoforming properties .

Our team will advise on the most suitable materials as needed. Continuously develop new products in close relationship with our customers , allowing us to keep abreast of market requirements.

Aiming to satisfy all kinds of printing needs of pharmaceutical companies, we achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring the highest quality in all our manufacturing process. We perform a manufacturing process with strict control on materials supplied by our industry partners, with latest printing machinery, guillotines and folding that allows us to offer all kinds of leaflets, such as:

Half bent, trifold, multiple and cross
Single coil, double or triple
Stapled book format
Special finishes with removable label or shrink
Pharmaceutical Leaflets

These materials are used for wrapping and packaging, particularly suitable for sterilizing medical and hospital products. Made of pure cellulose, they have a high strength, controlled porosity and a weight ranging between 60 and 65 gr/ m². Cellulose fibers offer great resistance to moisture, allowing sterilization and preventing the entry of any bacteria.

Our products do not contain optical brighteners and chemicals and can be supplied printed or anonymous. As a special finish we include tales and indicators for steam or ethylene oxide, which change color when the container is subjected to a sterilization process. Gaskets used in the sterilization have stringent specifications in materials and manufacturing processes.

Medical Grade Paper

We invest in the latest technology, innovation and development to produce competitive solutions for our customers. We also offer custom compounded thermoplastic resins specifically designed to meet your performance requirements.

We offer:

Polystryene (PS)
Polyethylen (PE)
Polypropylene (PP)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Liquid Crystal Polymers (LCP)

Pharmaceutical Grade Plastics
Our partner’s fabrication facilities produce and ship pounds of product annually.

Engineers, designers, metallurgists and technicians work collaboratively to produce sophisticated products of the highest quality.

Eco Pharma International Technologies, LLC focuses on the import and supply of raw materials such as aluminum, PVC, plastic and paper for the pharmaceutical industry.

We purchase exclusively from our trusted and long-term partners in Italy, Spain, Germany and other parts of Europe who are all leading business in their respective fields. This way we can ensure to always deliver product at the highest standards.

We operate in various markets across the globe, including, but not limited to, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Our worldwide operations allow us to stay competitive in all domestic markets, using our close relationships with offshore suppliers.

Comparative Advantage
The conditions in our foreign markets allow us to produce our products at lower costs than our competitors. We can pass this difference in production costs on to our customers.

Higher Quality Products
Sourcing from different markets allows us to work with the best materials right from the start, ensuring the best quality and most marketable end products.

Access to Exclusive Resources
Operating in different markets allows us to access the finest resources and technologies that are only available in certain parts of the world. This differentiates our products from the competition.
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