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Human Rights

No description

Mrs. Fornataro

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Human Rights

Human Rights
Ayrton Villallba
What Article 2 means to me
I think this article is telling the true because we are born freely and we are able to do what ever we want as long as we follow the laws, because if we don’t follow the laws we might go to prision or we can get hurt verey bad, and go to the hospital for 2 weeks or maybe a month. That is why human rights and laws are there for.It is also mentioning that you should treat others with respect wich is also telling the true because some poor people are and were treted bad by other people now by not donating money or food to the poor some babies are dieing because of infections, no food, no water, and not well inviorment .

If wars don’t stop we have to help the poor the united nations help poor and are trying to stop wars so people can be healthy and alive if a world war lll happens
Because many people were killed, captured , injured and got very bad illneses and were in bed or hospital for 3 weeks. People also have to be friendly with each other because peoples feeling are getting hurt.

What Article 1 means to me
Right to equality:
You are born free and equal in rights to every other hu-
man being. You have the ability to think and to tell right
from wrong. You should treat others with friendship that is true because with no frend ship and politeness people can hurt them selves

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