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No description

Joshua Hill

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of ADM

I. Overview
Long-term strategy
Industry conditions
Products & Services
Focus on solid, lasting trends.

Ignore diet fads that will "evaporate in the short term"
Primarily involved in the food industry

Population size drives demand
Key Personnel
Geographic Reach
The Company
The Economic Conditions
Economic Conditions
The Industry Conditions
II. Financial Statement

III. Valuation
Its Long-Term Strategy
Income Statement Analysis
Top-Line Growth
Net Income
Balance Sheet Analysis
PP&E Growth
DuPont Expansion
1902 : Daniels Linseed Company by John Daniels
1905: Archer Daniels Linseed Company
1923: Archer Daniels Midland Company
1924: Initial Public Offering
United States' economy slowly improving
Majority of local economies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America are expected to be positive
Russian ruble and Euro depreciating
Methods considered
Multiples based on capitalization
Price Earnings Ratio
Stock Price
Scenario Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis
Non-Operating / Excess Assets
Other considerations

Not a lot of growth potential

Stable, reliable stock with good dividend payout
1,206 Owners of ADM shares
Major owners:
Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois
Operates on six continents
Operates in more than 140 different countries
700 facilities worldwide
Main Markets:
United States
CEO: Juan Luciano
Chairman: Patricia Woertz
CFO: Ray Young
Minimal specific risk

Size mitigates market risk

Worst Case growth 0%
PER 10.84
Most Likely growth 3%
PER 14.61
Best Case growth 5%
PER 18.3
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