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Vincor and the New World of Wine

No description

vasya pechkin

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Vincor and the New World of Wine

Vincor and the New World of Wine
Akoun Benjamin
Kachko Alexey
Kovalenko Danila
Mannessier Vincent
Vladimirov Artem
Growth in table wine, 90%

Retail in supermarkets & among distributors

Consumer preferences to red and premium wines

Alliances between wine companies

63.8 %
International export
Australia - 4th International Export

Chili - top 10 Int.Exp.
United States - 4th world producer
Biggest market 10Bn $
Canadian company founded in 1989 by Donald Trigger

Largest wine producer and marketer in Canada, 21%

4th winery in North America in terms of volume

22nd winery in the world in terms of revenue

Focuses on premium and super premium segment

an internationalization strategy

one of the world’s top 10 wine companies

be the best
at producing premium branded wines

sales and distribution systems

Mission Statement
Which strategy did Vincor settle
in order to reach the evoked objectives?

What should be the next step in its development?

An expanding company
After an effective development in its borders, Vincor decided to expand in the USA.

The largest new wine market

Growth and «premiumisation»

Geographical proximity to this market

Vincor - North American leader
Vincor’s US acquisition
In October 2000: acquisition of the premium Californian winery R.H Phillips

In September 2001: Washington’s state winery Hogue Cellars for 36.3mln $ and reaffirmed its strenght on the US soil.

Combined acquisitions to penetrate the market

Canada largest wine producer, 22%
4th largest in North America
Insight of consumer goods
Wide distribution network in Canada
New World wine producers do not compete
New acquisitions in America
Stable development locations- U.S. and Canada

Lack of distribution network or relations with distributors

No presence in international markets (except U.S.)

No high quality, low cost wine

Acquisition of other companies (Goundrey Wines in Australia)

Use of suppliers in the U.S.

U.S. 3rd wine market in the world; largest market for
New World wine sales

Market for New World Wine grows

Wine Industry depends on changing weather conditions

Australian New World Wines gain popularity

Distribution channels of company not as strong as others

Australian pricing is low with high quality wine

Competitive environment

To acquire,
or not to acquire:
That is the question...

Own bottling facility
Opportunity to penetrate UK’s market
Meeting increasing demand of Canada & USA
Super premium wine
Own Sales Force

High Tax Rate (42%)
Geographical inconvenience

-international expansion further than North America
-to keep on producing « premium » wine
-to enjoy Australian wines’ reputation
-to bet on another New World producer
-to widen the Vincor’s product portfolio
-to strengthen position in USA and Canada
-to possibly penetrate new markets (UK, New Z, Germany)

Buying Goundrey Wines sounds coherent, why?
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