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No description

hayley bowley

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Math

Hayley's portfolio!!!
- I am very organized.
-I come to class prepared.
-I follow teacher instruction well.
-I hand in my assignments on time.
- I use my time well in class.
- I am a good listener and am focused.
- I do my homework.
I like to show my work in many ways:
I like to write a essays.
I like to do presentations.
I also like to do group presentations.
I like to use clip art images.
I like to many types of visuals.

My Weaknesses
- I procrastinate a lot. I always find excuses not to work on assignments, homework and study. Here are some things I do to procrastinate:

-Play with my dog.
- watch t.v.
- eat snacks.
- Play with my little sister.
- Do my sisters hair and makeup.
What we have been learning in science is:
In math we are working on...
-Place value
-basic math

Two neat facts I have learned this year in math so far are, adding decimals vertically and multiplying decimals.

The concept that has been most difficult for me in this subject area is fractions.

My goals/plans for the year
my goals for this year are:
- I want to raise my hand more in class!
- practice handwriting!

- Getting better marks on tests!
In E.L.A. we have been learning:
- Our unit was called identity ( )
- Poetry
- Grammar
- Hand writing
- Presentations
- Novel study
My two facts i learned...
1. How to write a poem using different words and styles.
2. I have become a better speller and become a stronger presenter.
Particle theory of matter
Earths crust
Two facts i have learned:
1. particles are always moving
2. particles at a higher temperature move faster then particles at a lower temperature

My difficulty...
The definitions
What i found most difficult is...
My Strengths
In social studies i have been learning about:
- latitude, longitude and mapping
- Right know we are learning about movement!!!
Two facts i learned are...
1. Sir Sandford Fleming developed the time zone system in 1884.

2. Learned all of Canada's provinces, capital cities and continents.

My difficulty:
Was spelling all the provinces and continents was difficult.
5 thing that would surprise you!!!!!
I am a very big procrastinate.
My favorite subject is MATH.
I am doing very good in school.
I love my teachers!!!

I am very organized.
Quiz time
Were you listening!!!
1.What is my favorite subject.
2.what was my weakness!!!
3.what way do i like to show my work.
4.what was one of my strengths.
5.what was one of the things i learned in math!!!
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