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A2 Media Evaluation


Rebecca Oram

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of A2 Media Evaluation

A2 Media Studies Advanced Portfolio Completed Production Task Beautiful Music Video Also on: youtube.com/watch?v=6JfXzxuKwzA facebook.com/home.php?#!
776659&subj=733098341 On Facebook: On my blog: http://rebeccaoram.blogspot.com/ CD Covers- front and back- for album Advert for the Album In what ways does your media product use, develop,
or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? We focussed on the pop genre of music and looked
at videos by Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, S Club 7
and Spice Girls to gain ideas for our video, and have
an understanding of what they involve. Examples of these videos are: Spice Girls- Wannabe Britney Spears- Everytime S Club 7- Never had a dream
come true Like the S Club 7 Video, our
Beautiful music video uses close
ups of Ceri's face to reflect the
emotion through the song. Similarly to the Britney Spears pop video
of 'Everytime', our video portrays a narrative
about loneliness and intimidation which this
pop video also represents. Other music videos we looked at
that fell into the pop genre of
music, shows how our video
captures similar aspects to the
typical pop music videos. Narratives Different angles
and duration of shots Mise en Scene to
reflect the narrative Effects-
Black and White reflects
emotion Duration of the
music video How effective is the combination of your main
product and ancillary tasks? Magazine Advertisment The album cover is
pictured on the advert
so people are aware of
what to buy. Making audience aware
that there will be a tour
soon. Quotations from music
magazines giving opinion. Makes audience want
the album. The title 'You Are Who You Are'
will attract those who lack self esteem. Inspirational Album
Title In comparison to
real media products
there are similarities in
the way that both posters
reflect the narrative of
the album, and both showing
the album cover on each. Real Media Product Album Cover The dark side on the left
going through to the light
suggests the hope that is
portrayed through the
narrative of the music. Gives 'featuring' titles
which the audience will
be aware of. The inspirational title
will attract our target
audiences. Close up of artist. Real Media Product This real media product
also uses a close up of the
artist, and the title of the
artist itself.
This could suggest how this
album cover also reflects the
narrative portrayed through
the music. My ancillary tasks in relation to the music
video, reflects the genre of music and category
that the 'Beautiful' video falls in to.
It targets our audience by the use of images
and title, with eye catching adverts.
These are all strategies in which we reach our
target audiences, so the more successful the advert,
the more successful the music video and album sales
will be.
This is the business to consumer process, which
captures our audiences through the marketing aspects
of our production. Launch Plan: The product would be announced on television
adverts, radio adverts, through posters and at concerts
which fall into the same pop genre.
Direct marketing has been used through the use
of posters which would be by bus stops and on streets.

Marketing companies would need the
advert in advance of up to two weeks, depending
on what you were advertising and how it was being
I fulfilled this research on:
This helped me understand how real media products
are produced when there is a limit on funds and time. Marketing Research Overall Our Music video- Pop video-youtube.com/watch?
v=CSR1kceYu7E youtube.com/watch
?v=eeaC8Iy_Nf0 What have you learned from your
audience feedback? Audience feedback allows us to assess our
production with opinions from our peers and
lets us gain an understanding of our strengths
and weaknesses of our film. Our video on YouTube has gained 51
views altogether since being put on there. Girls typically worry themselves more
about issues such as weight, appearance,
and have stronger feelings, which our
music video relates to very well giving
reassurance to those with these problems. We also promoted our video on Facebook,
which gained comments from users giving
both positive criticism and what worked well. Some of these comments included:
The use of characters and location
worked well with the song and lyrics.
The meaning of the song was portrayed
extremely well with the story behind it.
Editing made the film look a lot more
Could have done with shorter cuts, as
some were too long and didn't make it as
effective. Ways of improving our film...
However, our film could appeal to those
with social issues as it portrays aspects of
racism, homophobia and anorexia. A typical person who would watch this
pop music video, would be someone who
can relate to their emotions well. They could
be male or female and would probably be
'different' to normal people of society, trying
to find their personal identity.
They would probably listen to similar music,
with inspirational lyrics. Discussions from peers and teachers
has enabled us to highlight both positive
and negative aspects of our video. Shorter cuts between takes.
Adding more special effects where
Re-filming some shots to make sure
they were completely steady.
More use of different angles. How did you use new media technologies in the
construction and research, planning, and evaluation stages? Research YouTube has been used to
gain research into different
videos within the pop genre. Planning Thoroughly annotated lyrics
and written notes such as a
time schedule to follow. Storyboarding each part
of the lyrics Blogging each week as an
update of progress. Listening to pop cd's from
today, I was able to know what
the expectations are of a pop
music video. Watching pop music videos
on music channels in spare time. The majority of research was
fulfilled on the internet on a range
different websites.
myspace Construction Using imovie for editing purposes. Apple Macs for producing
film. Camera for filming. Tripod when available to
gain steady shots. To burn the film to disc, I
used iDVD a programme on the macs. I used iTunes to upload the 'Beautiful'
track to the mac, which we could then
import to iMovie when editing. Being experienced from last years coursework, I used photoshop to produce
my ancillary tasks. Evaluation As with every stage of my production, my evaluation will be on my blog on blogger. I have used prezi to produce my
evaluation. To gain audience feedback as part
of my evaluation, my film can be found
on Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger
so people can have constant access to it.
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