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P8 rome

rachel allison hannah demi

Demi DeLange

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of P8 rome

eNVIRONMENT Ancient Rome! :) Religion They have 3 main gods: Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. The Roman's have the same gods as the
Greeks but with different names. We get
our planets names from the Roman Gods!

They had a building called the Pantheon
where they would worship their many gods
and goddesses. They believed in making
sacrifices to their gods to please them. Rome is a city in the country of Italy.
Italy is a peninsula-a piece of land surrounded by water on almost every side.
Rome has very fertile land.
It also has many hills.
They have mild, wet winters and hot dry summers. CULTURE The kids enjoyed games such as tag
and hide-and-seek.
Most Romans lived in apartments
with one or two bedrooms. They had places
in town called Public Baths. They had hot
and cold pools and was a place where Romans
would relax. They ate baked mice and bread. Inventions They improved old sanitation systems.
They made aqueducts to carry water from
springs to Rome for drinking purposes and
for the Roman Baths. They invented a form of concrete and arches.
They developed hypocaust (a system for heating homes).
They made roads and developed some types of medicine. The modern calendar we have now was invented by the Romans. Politics They had a monarchy which was a system of government with kings and queens. In 509 B.C. they changed there system of government to a republic government. They had 2 social classes-the
upper class romans were called the Patricians and the lower class romans were called the Plebians. The kings and queens in rome were very wealthy especially compared to the Plebeians. Economy The Roman economy was based
on agriculture. They grew many vegtables. They grew wheat which made bread-one of there main foods. They specialized in mining and the Romans were master builders. THE END :l
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