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Standardized Testing

No description

Tori Dickson

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Standardized Testing


Been a part of the United States learning curriculum since the mid 1800s
In 2002 with the "No Child Left Behind" Act, mandated standardized testing was required in all 50 states
Helping Us in the Future?
What do they do to your Mental State?
We Are Not All "Standard"
A five-year University of Maryland study completed in 2007 found "the pressure teachers were feeling to 'teach to the test'" since NCLB was leading to "
declines in teaching higher-order thinking
, in the amount of time spent on complex assignments, and in the actual amount of high cognitive content in the curriculum."

Sacramento Bee reported that "test-related jitters, especially among young students, are so common that the Stanford-9 exam comes with instructions on
what to do with a test booklet in case a student vomits on it
"Chinese schools are very good at preparing their students for standardized tests. For that reason, they
fail to prepare them for higher education and the knowledge economy
." -Jiang Xueqin (Principal at China's leading education reform school)
Multiple choice questions promote a

simple way of thinking

real world

doesn't always have right and wrong answers
"If we neglect creative students in school because of the structure and the testing movement... then they become

- Kyung-Hee Kim
Is it Worth it?
After NCLB passed in 2002, the US
slipped from 18th in the world

in math on the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
to 31st place in 2009
, with a similar drop in science and no change in reading.
A 2001 study published by the Brookings Institution found that
50-80% of year-over-year test score improvements were temporary

A national 2007 study by the Center on Education Policy reported that since 2001,
44% of school districts had reduced the time spent on science, social studies and the arts
by an average of
145 minutes per week
in order to focus on reading and math.
States spend a combined
$1.7 billion dollars
on standardized testing every year
Standardized testing is designed to put every student on the same playing field, no matter the background and distinguish who are the academic elite
Black and Latino students in New York score below whites and Asians on standardized tests so consistently that although they are almost 70% of the overall student body,
they are only 11%
of students enrolled at elite public schools.
Qualities that
standardized tests cannot measure

include creativity, critical thinking, resilience, motivation, persistence, curiosity, endurance, reliability, empathy, self-awareness, self-discipline, leadership, civic-mindedness, resourcefulness

English language learners take tests in English
before they have mastered the language
. Special education students take the same tests as other children,
receiving few of the accommodations usually provided to them
as part of their Individualized Education Plans (IEP).

When did the influx in standardized testing begin in the US?
A. After the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act
B. After Andrew Jackson died
C. 2001
D. None of the Above
2. Standardized testing is said to discriminate against _______.
A. Immigrants
B. Non-English speakers
C. People with blonde hair
D. Children
3. Shaquina was riding a bike one day and got lost going to school. She had to ask a man for directions. She was worried about being late because 16 other students were late yesterday. Shaquina spends the average amount of hours her junior year preparing for standardized tests in her school. How many hours does she spend preparing for testing?
A. 157 hours
B. 50 hours
C. 140 hours
D. Fish and chips
4. What is unique about the Stanford-9 exam?
A. It makes up 11% of testing
B. It requires a select GPA in order to take it
C. Gum is given out with the exam to enhance thinking
D. It comes with instructions on what to do if a student vomits on their test
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