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Jean Debuffet

No description

do hyung kim

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Jean Debuffet

View of Art
Anyone can create art
Output of professionally trained artist worthless compared to raw emotional work
Western culture constitutes a colossal enterprise of brainwashing that seeks to suppress individualism and impose a specious conformity regulated by reverence for enshrined masterpieces from the past and tame orthodoxy of a 20th-century art market based on commercialism and kitsch
Started collection of Art Brut

Groupe de quatre arbres (Group of Four Trees)
Height 12 meters
Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York
Order from David Rockefeller
Irregular surface contrast to even and straight windows of the building behind
white and black contrast
Made from synthetic plastic over aluminum frame with steel frame holding peices together
Monument With Standing Beast
White colored Fiberglass and Epoxy resins with polyurethane paints
29 feet (8 meters)
20,000 kilograms
Chicago Illinois
15 years after model in 1969
Inspired by Hourloupe painting series
Explained as a drawing extending into space
Needed to be a monument for general public experience
Represent standing animal, a tree, portal, and architectural form
Last piece by Dubuffet
Positive space some negative space
Organic shapes
no straight lines
Black and White Contrast
Jean Dubuffet
Born July 31, 1901 in Le Havre, France
Died May 12, 1985 in Paris
Academie Julian in Paris
Gave up painting in 1924
by 1930 wine merchant
Return early 1940s fulltime
Lived and died alone
Painter, Sculptor, Writer
Own brutal urban realm utilizing street language, grafitti, and caricature
2 and 3 Dimension
Limited colors
Red, White, Blue, Black
3d sculptures are sculpture version of 2d paintings
Many black line outlines
Art Brut
Public Art
Type of Art outside Fine Art Tradition
"Outsider Art"
Jean Dubuffet put forward a creative art that would be perfectly brut; unprocessed natural, and clearly different from other artists stereotypes of official culture
Debuffets definition of the category left artists that were ill-educated, retiring person, people who started to create late life often because of pressure from emotional trauma
Tree made of different planes that are white connected with black outlines
Branches of tree lean in different direction and heights are all different
viewer looks all around the sculpture
Tree doesn't seem natural but add dynamic movement
unnatural shape and color
Some positive space with more negative space being the building
Series of "L'Hourloupe"
Some wonderland or distorted that brings up something rumbling and threatening that makes it hard to identify
"Parallel to our world "
"Drawings which extend and expand in space"
2d figures out shape color for 3d
Jean Dubuffet compared to Pablo Picasso
New styles of art
General range of colors
Practiced different types of art
painting, sculpting
Organic Shapes
Brighter colors for Dubuffet and darker for Picasso
Cubist movement for Picasso
Defined and developed Plastic Art
Art Burt for Jean Dubuffet
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Jardin D'Email

Kroller Mulllar Sculpture Garden in Otterlo, Netherlands
Black and White Contrast
Organic Shapes
Lots of Negative Space Some Positive
La Closerie Falbala
Epoxy Resin and cncrete with polyurethane paints
Surface area 1610 m2
highest point 8m
built between 1971 and 1973
Largest piece
Jean Dubuffet Foundation, Perignysur-Yerres, Val-de-Marne (France)
People can stand on it and go inside the villa so many negative space
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