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Brea Shipley

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Bullying

How to protect yourself from bullying

Use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants. This can be shown though physical, verbal, non verbal and social bullying. For example physical bullying is shown though physical intimidation and violence of another person.

Why People Bully
There are many reasons why people bully such as:

Social reasons: People bully for social reasons when trying to be popular with other people. Teenagers like to be popular and will do things to try and be accepted by others. Get revenge towards others though social harassment. They also bully to gain power over others.

Power reasons: Some people bully for power reasons. they believe power is important and a must have so they over power others with violence, words and words online.

Self worth: People bully because they don't feel good about themselves so they take it out on others. Using comments about their appearance, commenting on things you don't like about yourself.
Support network
Individual/ group
PDHPE teacher
How can you access the individual/group
At school, classroom, playground
what help or service can they provide
Listen, offer counseling, suggest protective strategies
Kids helpline
Online @ http://www.kidshelp.com.au
or `call 1800551800
Counseling, free online services enables kids direct access if needed.

Reach out
Online: reachout.com
Information & chat support. Online site provides access to kids help line and life line, Emergency help.
Parents/ Gurdian
At home or call them

Talk to you and support you. Finding time with parents to discuss issues that cause concern for you.
At school or sporting events

talks to you and listens to you with out judgement
online @ Thinkuknow.org.au
report bullying
Tips & Strategies
Maintain eye contact
Speck clearly
Be assertive
Follow your follow your instincts
Be honest

Be confident
Be cautious
1) Know when your been bullied

Pay attention to what they say and their tone and body language.

Questions to consider

Do you feel uncomfortable?
Are they disregarding your feelings?
Are they trying to manipulate or intimidate?
Is the behavior a pattern or in passing?

How to protect yourself from bullying
2) Be honest with yourself

Be honest with yourself, how do you really feel about the situation. Do you feel ashamed or embarrassed when 'someone' makes you feel bad about yourself.

Questions to consider

It’s ok to feel hurt, sad, or mad
It doesn’t mean you are weak, just that you feel
The other person doesn’t have power over you, but it may feel that way
Let the feeling be just that, a feeling
Use this as a tool- an indicator- instead of judging yourself
How to protect yourself from bullying
3) Have a voice

Have a voice, stand up to the bully and tell them to stop. Bullies rely a person’s discomfort to avoid confrontation.

Questions to consider

“I don’t appreciate your comments. They aren’t appropriate.”
You can get support when you do this
Let other people know what’s going on- social pressure can be helpful
“This guy thinks it’s cool to put people down.”
4) Remove yourself

Because bullies rely on attention and/or audience, their tactics won't work if you aren't there mentally or physically.

Questions to consider

Choose not to be around (physical absence)
Leave if they start to bully
Ignore them by talking to someone else in the area (mental absence)
Choose not to answer them if they start to bully
It’s not running away, it’s deciding not to expose yourself to something unhealthy.

How to protect yourself from bullying
How to protect yourself from bullying
5) Get support

Tell your friends and family about how you felt, why you felt it, and how you can protect yourself is an invaluable tool.

Questions to consider

Talk to someone- process your feelings
Role play with a friend how to confront so it feels comfortable
You can have someone supportive with you to confront the bully
Get other ideas of ways to deal with it from a friend
How does bullying affect your well being
Physical Bullying: Physical bullying is using physical actions against another person in a harmful way to cause injury or pain. For example a bigger boy physically punching, kicking a younger student.

Verbal Bullying: Verbal bullying is using words in a negative way against someone to gain power over the person. For example insults, teasing, put downs. Such as being sarcastic, calling people names and using hurtful words.

Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is using electronic communication to bully, sending mean or hurtful messages to people in a threatening way or posting inappropriate images of someone. This can occur when girls are excluding others and are trying to hard to be excepted by others.

Non Verbal: Non verbal bullying is bullying uses non verbal ways to communicate with others. This can be shown through rude sign, eye movements and facial expressions.

Types of Bullying
Physical Well being: Bullying destroys your physical well being by injuries, headaches, stomach-aches and dizziness.

Emotional Well being: Bullying decreases your emotional well being. Some effects include feeling worthless and having a low self-esteem, feeling isolated, alone and depressed.

Social Well being: Bullying reduces your social well being though dropping about of school, being isolated from social situations, with draw from friendships and groups, loss the ability to make friends and feel uncomfortable in social settings.
Bullying can brake down your well being weather it is physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually
Spiritual Well being: Bullying can affect your spiritual well being in that it makes you question your faith, make you wonder why God would allow people to behave in such a way alternatively being bullied may allow you to find strength and comfort though your faith and spiritual life
Bullying comes in different shapes and sizes such as physical, verbal, cyber and non verbal. These types of bullying have affects on your well being weather it's physical, social, emotional and spiritual. For these reasons bullying needs to stop, no one needs to be bullied and no one has to be the bully.
Bullying today is one of the most significant issues that affect young people worldwide. This can take shape as physical, verbal, cyber and non verbal. Bullying can change the ways we act physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually.
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