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Copy of Production of non alcoholic drink naturally fortified enrich

No description

Ana Costa

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Production of non alcoholic drink naturally fortified enrich

Production of non alcoholic drink naturally fortified with essential vitamins and minerals by microbial fermentation of natural raw materials
BIRAC/IKP0110/BIG -03/13
BIG reference no:
Arjun R. Krishna
Damini Mahajan
Novel drink
Value proposition
Value proposition -

Production via Biological route
* Natural fortification
* Increased shelf-lives
* Increased anti-oxidant activity
* Unique signature flavours
100% Natural process !
- Production
- Introduction
Novel drink
Raw materials
Raw materials
Whole fruit Juice
Plant parts & Indian herbs
Preliminary work done
High nutritional value
* Rich in important vitamins and minerals
* Packed with essential fibers
* Slim on fat and cholesterol-free like all plant products
Plant parts & Indian herbs
Applicant's profile
Senior Advisor
Scientific advisors
Industrial advisor
Team members
Damini Mahajan
Arjun R. Krishna
Dr. V. Thankamani
Dr. Sonti V. Ramakrishna
Prof. Rakesh Bajpai
Mr. Arumugam Ramachandran
POUTANEN, K., FLANDER, L. & KATINA, K. 2009. Sourdough and cereal fermentation in a nutritional perspective. Food Microbiology, 26, 693-699
Fiber rich

Increase in bioavailabilty of polyphenolic antioxidants of fruits
Fiber solubilization
Other health benefits:
- protection against inflammatory bowel diseases
- colon cancer.
Whole fruit juice
HUGENHOLTZ, J. 2013. Traditional biotechnology for new foods and beverages. Current Opinion in Biotechnology.
Example: Ginger, sarsaparilla, liquorice root, vanilla bean.
Nitrogen source - nourishment of microbes.

Gingerols and shogaols - ginger- proved for its health benefits.
Sarsaparilla are well known for its tonic, detoxifying and blood purifying properties.
Plant parts like sarsaparilla roots/ginger

Health promoting substances
Distinctive flavours
* Increased aroma profile
* Enhanced organoleptic properties
K. marxianus
* Strong crabtree negative - no alcohol

Yeast fermentation
LAB fermentation
Phytase action
Increased bioavailability of nutrients
B- group vitamins
Lactic acid - Increases shelf life
Exo-polysaccharides - Improved texture and rheological properties
CAPOZZI, V., RUSSO, P., DUEÑAS, M. T., LÓPEZ, P. & SPANO, G. 2012. Lactic acid bacteria producing B-group vitamins: a great potential for functional cereals products. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 96, 1383-1394.
Gluconic acid
- refreshing sour taste in fruit juices, wines, etc.
- fruity flavor
- mild organic acid
- natural preservative in drinks

Gluconobacter oxydans
- used for industrial production of gluconic acid

GRAS certified
Extensive literature survey - Process design
Yeast growth characteristics
- studied in brewery
Basic flavour studies
- Unique flavour combinations
Market survey - 145 random Indian consumers
* studies conducted at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Brewery & Co.
Budget break up
Ph.D., FISBT.,
Former Professor & Head
University Department of Biotechnology
University of Kerala
Research Scientist
and Faculty in Biotechnology/ Microbiology (Hon.)
Cashew Export Promotion Council Laboratory & Technical Division,
CEPC, Kollam, Kerala.
Dean Academic Affairs
AVP Research Foundation,
Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.
Expert Member
Advisory Committee for Biotechnology,
University of Calicut
Member, Task Force, DBT

Deputy Director &Head
(IICT -CSIR), Hyderabad.
Research Director
Reliance Industries Limited, Bombay (2001-06)
Biochemical and Environmental Engineering Centre
Sonti Biotech Global Consultants
Biotech product and Process Development (2008 – 16)
– Industrial Biotechnology
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
University of Missouri, USA (1982- 2007)
IIT Delhi, India (1976-79)
Bioprocessing Laboratory,
University of Missouri, USA
Head Brewer
Senior Manager (Operations & Quality)
UB- Nizam Breweries, Hyd.
Senior Manager
Brewing, Quality Assurance & System Implementation
UB- Chennai Breweries
Brew Master
Heineken Asia Pacific Breweries
* Diet versions
Artificial sweetner- Aspartame
Distinctive flavours
Masters, Biological and Bioprocess Engg.
Masters, Biological and Bioprocess Engg.
The University of Sheffield, UK
The University of Sheffield, UK
B. Tech. Industrial Biotechnology
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu
B. Tech. Biotechnology
VIT University, Vellore
UK winner, AB InBev Best Beer Competition'13:
Designed and produced a novel beer recipe
Facilities available at the incubator
A healthier alternative
with essential minerals (GLOCAL), vitamins (B-12) and organic acids (gluconic and lactic acid) is obtained.
Market demand has been studied.

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship Students' Teams (BEST) - ABLE 2011

Summer intern,
Center For Cellular And Molecular Biology (CCMB)

The judicious combination of metabolic potential of microbes (GRAS) for producing a fermented health drink

Drink features:

Fermented non-alcoholic
Natural fortification with essential minerals (like GLOCAL) and vitamins (esp. B group)
Fiber rich and increased anti-oxidant activity
Low calorie (< 25 kcal/100ml)
Unique signature flavors
Malt based
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