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Copy of Science biome project part C 3pts

No description

Derek litman

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Science biome project part C 3pts

The reason I would not live in the Desert is because its dry there and there is barley 10 inches of rain a year!!!!. Also there are a lot of dangerous animals out there like scorpions, rattle snakes, lizards. Why I would not live in this Biome. Biome I would not pick The biome I would not pick is the desert. The reason I would live in this Biome is that it’s always warm. The average temperature year around is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Also there is little rain fall. The average per year is 8 to 14 feet. Also the types of animals that are there are harmless as long as you don’t bother them. Some of the animals that live there are sloths, monkeys, frog’s, spider’s, and lots and lots of birds. Why I Would live in this Biome. The Biome that I would want to live in is the Tropical Rain Forest. Biome Choice Biomes of the World Part C
(3 pts)
Derek Litman Pictures of animals and plants from the desert. Pictures of animals and plants from the tropical rain forest.
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