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Chinese Handcuffs

No description

Montgomery Moore

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Chinese Handcuffs

"Chinese Handcuffs"
By Chris Crutcher
Presented By Montgomery Moore Dillon Hemingway: triathlon athlete, trying to cope with his brothers suicide
Preston Hemingway: Dillon's older brother, who was strung out on drugs and committed suicide
Jennifer Lawless: basketball star, going through tough problems with her family
Stacy Ryder: Preston's ex-girlfriend, trying to cover up her baby
Coach Sherman: the coach of Jennifer in basketball and gives advice to Dillon and Jennifer
Dr. Newcomb: criminal investigator that helps Dillon with Jennifer
Caulder Hemingway: Preston and Dillon's father
T.B.: Jennifer's stepfather Dillon is a trainer for the girls basketball team and he likes Jennnifer.
Jennifer confesses to Dillon that she has been molested by her stepfather T.B. for a really long time.
Stacy has a baby that was Preston's and she tries to lie about him.
Dillon tells Dr. Newcomb about Jennifer and he offers to help them with T.B.
Coach Sherman helps Dillon and Jennifer through out all their problems.
Jennifer tries to commit suicide on a very important night. Key Events Difficulty: Easy
Pace: Pretty slow though out the entire book
Time: It took me around two weeks to read
Interest: If you are into teenage drama I think you would really like this book.
I really do not recommend this book, it had no climax and no surprise ending and it turned out to end kind of boring. Recommendation 4th hour 10/15/12 Character List
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