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Plant and Animal Diagram

No description

Tracy Groleau

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant and Animal Diagram

A Golgi complex is composed of flat sacs known as cisternae ( a citernea is a sac or cavity containing fluid especially lymph or cerebrospinal fluid)
plant cell
Animal Cells
Unlike prokaryotic cells,the DNA in a plant cell is housed within the nucleus

unlike prokaryotic cells, the DNA in a plant cell is housed with nuecleous
This rose is pretty, but is there more to it than just its nice properties
This is a really cute wolf but is there more to it than its nice fur coat?
the nucleolus is the main part of the cell; or the brain
the nucleolus is the main part of the cell ; or the brain
plant cells have a cell wall.
the process that plants go through when the plant cells turn the sunlight into food called "photosynthesis".
The outer layer of the animal cell is called the cell membrane.
You are going to watch a prezi/slide show on plant and animal cells ENJOY! :)
For a plant on the cellular level there are the cell walls, made of cellulose
There is an outer layer called the cuticle on many plants.
An animal cell does not have a vacuole.
An plant cell has a vacuole.
It is a waxy substrate that helps protect the plant from insects and it holds in moisture.
Think of the Golgi apparatus as the "post office" of the cell. Its job is to package and ship proteins and other materials around the cell for distribution, or sometimes out of the cell
A complex of vesicles and folded membranes within the cytoplasm of most eukaryotic cells, involved in secretion and intracellular transport
plant cells are eukaryotic cells.
by Veronica and Tracy:)
Plant and animal cells Venn Diagram
An animal cell has one or more small vacuoles.
Both the plant and animal cells have eukaryotic cells.
In both cells this nucleus is protected by a watery liquid called cytoplasm.
A nucleolus is the main part of the cell ; or the brain of the cell.
Bye! tweet tweet!
They both have organelles ribosomes and endoplasmic cells
Has vesicles that digest material in the cell.
Thanks for watching!
Bye tweet tweet!
Lysosome are cellular organelles that containacid and hydrolase enzymes that break down waste and cellular debris.
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