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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

No description

Lovelynne Magalued

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen by Lovelynne Magalued Sarah Dessen -Born on June 6, 1970 in Evanston, Illinois
-Lives in Chapel Hill, North Caroilina with her husband, Jay, daughter, Sasha, and their dogs
-Dropped out of Greensboro College
-Graduated from University of North Carolina with honors
-Written 11 books since 1996 with another to be released in 2013
-The 2003 film "How to Deal" was based on both "Someone Like You" and "That Summer"
-Although there doesn't seem to be a whole list of the specific awards she has won/received as an author, many of her books have been named An ALA Best Book for Young Adults and A New York Times Best Seller Other Works 1996- That Summer
1998- Someone Like You
1999- Keeping the Moon (also released as Last Chance) 2000- Dreamland
2002- This Lullaby
2004- The Truth About Forever
2006- Just Listen
2008- Lock and Key 2009- Along for the Ride
2010- Infinity (novella)
2011- What Happened to Goodbye
2013- The Moon and More *all of the book covers have been changed, except for "What Happened to Goodbye" Setting Main Characters Macy Queen Wes Baker Deborah Queen Plot Summary Themes Opinion I actually loved this book and couldn't put it down. Although most parts of the book were predictable and typical, I really liked how well-written it was. I liked how there wasn't really an elaborate description of how all the characters looked, just the basics, like their hair, physique, anything you would see at first glance; it allowed me to pick my own "perfect"-looking girl, swoon-worthy-looking guy, and so on. Anything that happened with Macy and Wes just kept me smiling because of how cute they were. I guess being a girl made it appeal to me more, but I still think it'd be an enjoyable book for anyone. Taylor Kitsch Emma Watson Jane Lynch Being Perfect isn't Everything It's Okay to Open Up and Let Go -Macy is struggling to be perfect
-Trying to be the impossible
keeps her from truly being happy
-Whenever she isn't able to be perfect in everything she does,
it makes her feel like she let them down
-No matter how hard she tries to be perfect, it never seems to make her happy or feel like it's enough for her mom and her boyfriend -After Macy's father dies, both her and her mother close up and feel like they can't talk to anyone, even each other
-Macy gets to know Wes and soon trusts him, even to the point where she opens up about her father's death
-Near the end, Macy finally takes the chance to talk and open up to her mom about everything, which helps them let go of what's keeping them from being happy Modern-day
Northeast part of USA
No specific place
Combination between a suburban and a town-like community
A lot of real estate and construction
Peaceful on the outside, but turmoil within households
Macy lives in a big, fancy house
People of Wish Catering live in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of neighborhood Sixteen-years old
Very athletic
Very intelligent; smarter than most other characters
Strives to be perfect
Isn't really sure in what she wants
According to Wes:
-"...blonde, cool and collected, perfect smart girl thing going on."
-"...the unattainable girl in homeroom who never gives a guy the time of day."
-At first, to be perfect in anything and everything she does
-Then, to do what makes her happy A couple of years older than Macy
Well-built with longer hair than most guys
Swoon-worthy and a too-good-to-be-true type of guy
Understanding and insightful
Was sent to reform school for breaking and entering
According to Macy:
-"...tall, dark stranger thing going on."
-"...tortured artist..."
_"...the boy all the girls want to rebel with."
-After his mom dies, to be a good role model for his younger brother Bert 40s-50s
Hard-working, always busy, and stressed out
Uses work to avoid talking about her husband's death
Mostly serious with an occasional sense of humor
Doesn't show much emotion and is hard to talk to about feelings
Because Macy wants to please her, she indirectly influences Macy's actions and decisions
-To keep Macy on the right track to being "perfect"
-To keep her and her husband's real estate company going after his death Macy continues to live with her mother and sister after her father dies of a heart attack They never talk about their feelings, even after 3 years She meets the Wish Catering people and takes a job offer from them She becomes close to them, especially Wes, while playing "Truth" and hanging out a lot, learning that they've both lost a parent Macy's "perfect" boyfriend, Jason, thinks they "should take a break" She starts to learn that trying to be perfect is keeping her from being happy Tired of trying to be perfect, Macy quits her job at the library to hang out with Wes Macy's mom learns of Wes' past and how she's changed and makes her quit her catering job and stop spending time with them completely After not speaking for a while, she walks away from Wes. She goes to apologize to him, but sees him talking to his girlfriend, breaking Macy's heart Macy's mom is desperate for food at her open-house party and agrees to let Wish Catering cater at the party Before the party, Macy opens up to her mom in private, then everything about Macy and Wes unravels in-front of everyone, except Wes Wes isn't working that night, but Jason returns and wants to continue their relationship, but it's not what Macy wants Wes stops by but soon leaves after he sees Macy talking to Jason Macy stops him before he can leave, says how she feels, wins their game of "Truth," and kisses him Macy, her family, and a few special people return to her father's beach house, where she continues to do something she let go of a long time ago Other Characters Kristen Bell Ashley Benson Carly Chaikin Caroline -Macy's older sister Freddie Highmore Jason Talbot -Macy's "perfect" boyfriend
-Is away at Brain Camp
-Works at the library Maggie Gyllenhaal Delia -Owner of Wish Catering
-Wes and Bert's Aunt
-Big-hearted Bert Baker Diego Gonzalez -Wes' younger brother
-Just turned 16 Kristy -Fun-loving
-Monica's sister Monica -Sluggish and lazy
-Kristy's sister The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
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