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Introduction to Multimedia

An overview of how to create a multimedia video

Gaby Herbst

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Introduction to Multimedia

Sound and Interviews
Introduction to Multimedia
Gaby Herbst, CJE, MAE

Interview or narration
Think about surrounding noise (nat sound)
Brief your subject (preview of topics to be covered)
Repeat the question in the response
Don't talk over your subject

Background noise/natural sound (nat sound)
Recorded separate from interview

Listen closely. Try to determine the difference between the A-roll and B-roll

Shots of subject in action
Shots of reaction(s) to subject
Do NOT use the same B-roll more than once
B-roll images should match A-roll sound

Before you get started:
Do your research
Complete a storyboard
Video tips
Do not pan, but follow the action
Think about sequencing, storyboard
Think like a photographer
lighting, composition, angle, detail
Vary types of shots
shoot: wide, medium, tight
shoot three medium/tight shots for every wide shot
Leave time before and after clips
View a sample
Note the use of B-roll video, and A-roll and B-roll sound
Shoot WAY MORE B-roll then you think you'll need!
Still Photography
Continues to tell the overall story
Highlights smaller details
Allows you to pace
keeps the viewer's attention
Always use photographic skills when shooting
detail, individual, group
lighting, composition, angle

The Final Product
Be a good journalist!
Mark strong A-roll and B-roll just like notes
Have a lead, body and conclusion
Choose your software
iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro
Use your story board
Make sure B-roll video/photos match A-roll sound

Let's Check It Out!
What's your opinion?
Watch the following video
What works? Why?
What would you improve? How?

Why we need multimedia
Experiencing a "rise of the image, and fall of the word" (Mitchell Stephens, media historian).
Mobile video users grew by 57 percent in 2009, from 17.6 million from 11.2 million people (Nielsen, 2010).
Millennials are heavily engrossed in multimedia consumption and development (Howe and Strauss, 2000).
It's what the professionals are doing!
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