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Qualities and Skills of an Admin Assistant

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Qualities and Skills of an Admin Assistant

Quality 2
- You would need to be optimistic so you can stay positive about your work and the future.
Quality 5

- You would need to be productive so you can finish any work or task given to you.
Quality 4

- You would need to be inventive so you can create your own work and come up with new ideas.
Quality 1
- You would need confidence in case you needed to present work or have a meeting.
Quality 3
- You would need tolerance because you will be listening to peoples opinions and you need to take them on board.
Qualities and Skills of an Admin Assistant
Skill 1
Verbal Communication
- You would need to be able to communicate well with others to get your point across if you have a good idea.
Skill 2
analyzing and Investigating
- You would need to have this as a skill so you can gather information quickly.
Skill 3

and Organizing
You would need to be good at this so your work place and your computer folders are easy to use.
Skill 4

- You would need to be good at this so you can finish your work on time.
The roles of an Admin Assistant is to be polite hen greeting visitors, file documents, maintain Ediary and maintain security e.g. staff, visitors
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