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Video Game Controller Inovation

No description

Glen Mumpower

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Video Game Controller Inovation

Built in speaker Atari 2600 (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Released in 1983 This controller features 2 action buttons 2 menu buttons and the first cross shaped control pad The first contoller to use both hands Nintendo Entertainment System Conotroller The History of the Gaming Controller Device Set out to make the most comfortable contoller yet and succeeded New and creative arrangement of buttons Released in 2001 Released in 2006 Granddaddy of all contollers First controller made specifically for 3D gaming.
Adding more detailed button lay out including
4 buttons on the right, the Z trigger, and analog Stick. Nintendo 64 Super Nintendo Controller Added 2 more face buttons Most controllers base their design on this Was considered to be the ideal consol controller This was not the first controller but was the first to boom Released in 1977 8 directional joystick Built heavy and built to withstand punishment Based this controller off of Super Nintendo controller Only changes were the addition of 2 shoulder buttons and handles to make the controller more comfortable The Original Play Station PlayStation Dual Analogue Controller Included analogue sticks Plastic on thumb tips to reduce slipping Made it easier to hold Some would say that the X box controller, even though it was a step forward from the saga dreamcast, was a disappointment. With its size and comfort. Pressure sensored buttons Kept it the same so people are familiar with it September 29, 1996 August 23, 1991 PlayStation 2 November 15, 2001 Home button November 21, 2005 Wireless Motion Detectors The X Box controller on a diet!
This the modern day controller
Slimmer , easier to hold, and easy access
to all the buttons. Being 7 years old, it still
is being used by huge portion of the gaming
community. PlayStation 3 1994 1994 2000 2006 By Glen Mumpower and Thomas Wald Engineering Period 1 Xbox Xbox 360 Sega Master System Released in 1986 Outsold by the NES 10 to 1 Has a different shape to the controller New directional pad Missing select button Complete failure of controller and system Sega Genesis Rounded off the square edges 1989 More comfortable to hold improved cross shaped pad Started slow but became very big on the market Sega Saturn 3D Control Pad Totally redesigned to compete with the N64 New thumb stick First to put on analogue triggers Replaced it with old 6 button directional pad Included grips for comfort Sega Dreamcast Thumb stick styling was improved 1997 4 button directional pad was back New expansion bays 1999 Play Station Portable Built in wifi Tv and movies Stored and accessed photos 2004 Same concept in PS2 just hand held 43 percent smaller Play Station Portable Go Slide Screen Skype Better Graphics October 1, 2009 Not successful Same buttons as PSP PlayStation Vita Touch Screen 3G 2 Cameras GPS Great Graphics New thumb stick Great success Went back to PSP design February 22, 2012 Game and Watch First hand held Screen flipped up 1980 Introduced some of the biggest games that we play today 2 screens August 1989 Volume buttons A and B buttons Cross Pad Design based on Game and Watch Head phone jack Game Boy November 24, 2004 Touch screen 4 button layout Nintendo DS PictoChat Play online Rechargeable battery Plays old Game Boy games March 27, 2011 More Memory Camera Weighs less Fit to play more advanced games New z button New thumb stick Two bumper buttons New thumb stick (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr revolutionized the motion gaming by being the first to use motion to effect the game itself Global impact: The impact of the gaming controller is the capabilities and there economic value. Last year added $4.95 billion dollars to the gross domestic income. Plus jobs. Since 2005 the this industry has increased and produced 9% more jobs. On an average annually $89,781. But from a standpoint of the parents or users of the games, there is mixed opinions. Some believe that its rotting the children's brain and exposing them to adult themes at a earlier age. Others believe that the is nothing wrong with it.
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