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Leadership in times of uncertainty

No description

alexandra stoian

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Leadership in times of uncertainty

Cirque du Soleil’s Lamarre says that: “A CEO’s job is to create an environment in which people are constantly thinking of new ways of doing things…in which they know they can explore…and make some mistakes which we can all laugh at and learn from…..We must challenge ourselves constantly…it is part of our culture to reinvent ourselves all the time.” What’s the best leadership style in an uncertain economy? Regardless of industry, there should be one common theme: the job should be more than a paycheck. I know that is a difficult in the
current economy, but that is where an effective leader can really make a difference. In highly successful organizations, passion is a trait that motivates employees and creates loyalty and stability. Leaders who demonstrate energy and purpose every single day can be instrumental in boosting morale and outstanding results. Furthermore, leaders who challenge employees to explore innovative ways to improve can foster a dynamic workplace environment, and as a result, create an atmosphere of
empowerment. Honesty, transparency and genuine commitment to putting the company’s interest ahead of any self interest. If the employees sense leadership is scared or uncertainty, employees will become scared and uncertainty. If employees sense that leadership only cares about itself, employees will only care about themselves. If employees sense that leadership is not being honest with them, employees will not be honest with the company. All of which serves to undermine a strong corporate foundation which is essential for weathering economic winds. “I think the best leadership style is always to be open, honest and participative, but this is more critical in tough times. You need to tap into the collective brainpower of the entire organization to find ways to be more productive, more efficient, and more innovative, if you want to maximize your chances of success. People need to feel they have some input into their fate, and including them in the solution is the best way I have found to keep them motivated, and to encourage them to take on the challenges of a tough economy.” “A forthright style is best. You must articulate optimism. Not unbridled optimism, but restrained optimism. And accessibility is key. You need to be available when things get bumpy, and you have to communicate even more. This isn’t just a CEO effort, either. I believe the entire top team has to be involved here.” PROBLEMS = OPPORTUNITIES Appreciative Inquiry Discover / Descubrir Dream / Soñar Design / Diseñar Deliver / Implementar if you want to think different, act different Challenging the status quo Taking smart
risks Questioning Observing Networking Experimenting Associational
thinking Innovative
ideas Courage to innovate Behaviors Cognitive skills I want to put a ding
in the universe I´m out to change the world <<When you ask creative people
how they did something they feel a little
guilty because they didn´t really do it. They just
saw something and were able to connect experiences
and synthetize new things>> If I only had the right questions...
if I only had the right question Provocative questions push boundaries,
assumptions and borders;
help reframe the problem; Tom Keley, Ideo Ratan Tata, Tata Group The anthropologist´s role is the single biggest source of innovation
I value ideas from unsual places Thomas Edison I haven´t failed, I´ve just found
10.000 ways that don´t work Larry Page Steve Jobs Pierre Omidyar The Medici Effect bringing together architects paintors sculptors philosophers engineers Renaissance creative explosion at the intersection of great minds and fields Out of my control Area of influence Area of control LEADERSHIP IN TIMES OF UNCERTAINTY Experiment http://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies/2012
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