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A Long Walk To Water

this is a thing and this thing is mine nothing is miner than this thing (its mine)

Nathan Papadogiannis

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of A Long Walk To Water

Salva's teacher knew that if the boys stayed behind, the tribe would make them fight in the upcoming war. He was actually trying to save them by telling them to run to avoid becoming the rebels' child soldier.
Why is 'Water' an important theme in the book?
What is the point and purpose of Salva's organization?
High Level Thinking Questions
A Long Walk To

What is the link between Nya and Salva?
What do we have here in the US that those in Sudan don't have?
Why did Salva’s teacher tell the students to run (into the bushes) rather than stay and take shelter?
What is Nya's role in the book?
Why do the groups fleeing from Sudan try to leave children behind?
Why are people in Sudan getting waterborne illness?
The link between Nya and Salva is that Salva helps Nya and her village by building a well for them. Salva builds wells for all of South Sudan . Even Nya if and her village never existed, her story could actually happen, and it probably has. Before Salva's organization drilled wells many people walked many hours a day for water. After Salva drilled a well for a village, everyone's lives became better.
Here in the US, we all, mostly, have an easy access to clean water. Whether it be from a fountain or a well or even a sink, we all have clean water. Those in South Sudan rarely get to even see clean water. In the book, Nya has to get water from a lake bed by digging a hole. She has to dig as far as arms length and then pick up very little water, dirty water at that.
How does the water supply cause conflict between the Dinka and the Nuer?
Nya plays a secondary role in the book
A Long Walk to Water. Primarily, Nya's story revolves around one basic plot. Nya is there to emphasize the issues in Sudan and how Salva In Nya's story, she struggles to get water, which is a major issue in Sudan. The author wanted to show just how serious the water problem in Sudan is.
Water is an important theme in the book
"A Long Walk to Water". Primarily, it is impossible to survive without water. Also, the significance of water goes beyond that. The characters in "A Long Walk to Water" cherish it above everything else.
Salva's organization is called Water for South Sudan. Salva and his organization gives water to South Sudan by drilling wells. The purpose of this is to improve the life quality of those living in South Sudan.
Both of these tribes suffer from lack of water so they fight for what little water there is. Also, this is why the two tribes cant live together or near. They can't even share the same source of water.
The groups fleeing from Sudan preferred to leave children behind. This was mainly because of supply shortages, but adults were accepted due to their ability to work for the group whereas children cannot. Also, children walk at a slower pace than adults, which would slow the group down.
People in Sudan are getting water-borne diseases due to the contaminated water. For example, Salva's father got sick because after years of drinking dirty water, his system was infested with guinea worms. Also, he's not the only one; Nya's little sister got sick from drinking the dirty water.
Why water is so scarce in Sudan?
Water is scarce Sudan because of both political and geographical reasons. For example, at some points in the year there are dry seasons where there is less rain and ponds dry up. Also, warfare can end up contaminating the water and prevent people from getting clean water.
A dried-up lake in Sudan
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