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Diversions Process

No description

Keiko Hoen

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Diversions Process


Systematic Adjustments
Arrival in
San Bernardino, CA
Overweight Truck!
Fort Worth, Texas
Unload weight
Inform Warehouse of truck arrival
New Bill of Lading & Goods Issued
Diversion Ship Movement Amt. =
Original Weight Amount - Physically Offloaded Product
Diversions Receipt
305 Movement
(from San Bernardino to Fort Worth)
(from Fort Worth to San Bernardino)
What Is A Diversion?
A load that is detouring from, or will not travel to, the intended destination recorded in SAP
Overweight Trailers
Quality or Product Concerns
Truck Accidents
Carrier Error
Customer Demand
Data Entry Error
PW Diversion
SAP Transaction Flow
Diversion Ship
303 Movement
Diversion Receipt
305 Movement
Fort Worth
New Bill
of Lading
San Bernardino

Diversions Ship
303 Movement
(from Fort Worth San Bernardino)
(Amount = Total Original Truckload weight)
Physical Diversion
Systematic Diversion
How to Manage a Diversion:
diverts truck to
nearest warehouse
Inventory Deployment adjusts SAP
Plant Inventory ZMA01
Original Delivery Notes
Goods Receipt @ Original Destination
Diversion Ship - 303 Movement
Diversion Receipt - 305 Movement
New Bill of Lading & Delivery Note
Goods Receipt
101 Movement
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