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Personal Philosophy of Leadership/Followership

No description

Marie Dechant

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Personal Philosophy of Leadership/Followership

While I used to think of a leader as that charismatic "lucky" being, I have had a turn of thought. This class has made me realize the true impact of a follower. It is interesting when perspectives are changed, and new insight appears. I believe this is what has happened in my experience. It is not that I now undervalue the qualities of a leader. Rather, it's that I now recognize the effectiveness of a follower in regards to leadership success. It is an interesting point of view, and one that I believe is neglected the majority of time. I would argue that most individuals strive to be a leader over a follower. Since childhood, we have been taught to be something different and unique and successful - qualities of a leader. But I have to wonder, if the role of a follower was more understood, would they still feel the same? Personally, I think the idea of becoming a leader is both exciting and terrifying. And I think it puts a lot of pressure on an individual right from the start. If it is expected that we become something - presumably a leader-ish type, the stress involved is enormous. But if we turn that around and focus on the idea of being a follower, the ideas of being something unique and successful can still occur. For if we choose to follow someone (or something) that shares the same passion of interests, a greater good is still equally developed - and even more so because the foundation will be stronger the more individuals involved. And better yet, this can be accomplished without the pressure of somehow turning into a 'charismatic person.' Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Life: What it has Taught Me To seek out opportunities that will allow me to follow my passions in life and uphold the values that I believe to be true (positivism, independence, communication, etc). To choose paths in life that allows me to share a common interest among a group of people and act in making it more powerful. To empower others to also pursue what appeals to them in an effort to positively engage in followership. And finally, to have the courage to do so. My Current Skills THE ACTION PLAN: Having the Confidence to Engage in the Pursuit Personal Philosophy
of Leadership/Followership By: Marie Dechant The Lesson Learnt: The Impact My Philosophy Statement optimistic What I Believe to be True Evaluation In my life experiences (from being the oldest sibling, to becoming a Senior RA) what I have learnt to value most of all in terms of leadership is the ability to empower others to make positive decisions. From these experiences, I have also learnt to value the independence and responsibility I gained from those roles. Furthermore, my experience as a follower (such as when I worked as a nursing attendant and even being a student in university) I have recognized the importance of communication and the impact it has on an effective team environment. Before this class, I believed leadership involved an authentic leader who showed integrity and charisma. However, this class has made me understand a very different meaning to leadership: that in fact, it is the follower(s) who make a leader, hence, being a follower involves a lot of courage. But most importantly, the biggest value I have taken away from this class, is the importance of encouraging the heart. Because without a heartfelt interest in the pursuit, there is no reason to lead or follow anything. Without one follower, two followers, three followers or more, a leader will not be a leader. Because it is the followers that allow a leader to lead. But the followers will only follow if there is a passion for the pursuit. So, leaders can be whatever they want to be, but unless there is a common interest nobody will be leading anybody. determined responsible team player funny Integrity What I would deem as my current skills in terms of leadership/followership may not be considered in top rank for any leadership position, but they are very suitable for an effective follower. These are skills that I believe will help me pursuit my Philosophy Statement. My optimism will reflect onto others to make positive decisions, being determined will help me succeed in following my passions, and my responsibility will show that I can successfully take on an independent role. Being a team player allows the greater pursuit to be a more powerful unit, and humor will reflect on lightheartedness and the enjoyment of life. Lastly, showing integrity emphasizes that I will only follow the things in life that I believe in. While the mentioned skills may help me pursue my philosophy statement, I believe the actual act of finding that common interest will be the most challenging. For example, I don't want it to be as easy as signing up for yoga because I believe it is important to take time for myself. Rather, because of my passion for quality, compassionate nursing care, I hope to find other caregivers who possess the qualities that I wish to also portray as a nurse. And when I do encounter these type of individuals, I would want to learn from them in order to make that quality, compassionate care more powerful - even if it is just by one more person (me). As life goes on, I will continue to have varying interests in which I will want to pursue a goal/follow a dream. As of right now, things such as running the Nike Women's Half Marathon, and finding out more information on Midwifery are interests that I wish to pursue. However, I believe the hardest part is the initial interaction to find out how to pursue this passion. But I have a strategy... In order to engage in that initial interaction I will:
communicate with myself
encourage my own heart
have faith in the goal
pursue independently (not amongst the shell of others)
reveal my integrity
be positive about the outcome
and, have courage
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