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The Hobbit

An indepth investigation of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein, created by Chrishan Fernando.

Chrishan Fernando

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of The Hobbit

The Hobbit
by J.R.R. Tolkein
Prezi by Chrishan Fernando Plot Exposition Setting Most of The Hobbit takes place in Wilderland, a hostile country with many inimical creatures such as goblins. Throughout his journey, the main character, Bilbo Baggins, travels to different locations in Wilderland including Smaug's Desolation, the home of the main antagonist, Smaug. We are introduced to Bilbo Baggins. He is a hobbit, a small, humanoid creature who has hairy feet and usually a fat belly. Bilbo is visited by Gandalf, a wizard. Gandalf asks Bilbo to join him and some dwarves in an adventure. Bilbo doesn't want to but invites Gandalf to tea. Bilbo is visited by dwarf after dwarf throughout the day. He has no idea what is going on. Finally, Gandalf arrives and discusses the journey with Bilbo and the dwarves even without Bilbo's approval of anything. It is revealed that the dwarves are going on the journey to avenge the fall of their ancestors' city, Dale. They want to defeat the attacker, the dragon, Smaug, and also retrieve the massive amount of gold in the city's ruins. The group needs food. They see some light and send Bilbo to investigate. They now realize that Gandalf has simply disappeared. Bilbo discovers the light is coming from the camp of some trolls. The trolls capture the whole group, but Gandalf arrives just in time to stop them. Bilbo takes a small dagger (sword for his size) and Gandalf and Thorin, the grandson of the leader of Dale each take an elegant sword. Goblins attack the group and they are seperated. Bilbo finds a ring and immediately picks it up. He then encounters Gollum, a hostile sea-creature, in a cave. To survive, he must play a riddle game with the Gollum. If he wins, the Gollum shows him out, but if he loses, the Gollum 'deals' with him. Bilbo wins but Gollum doesn't keep his promise. He goes to find his magic ring that turns one invisible, so he can attack Bilbo. However, the ring was the one Bilbo took. When Bilbo realizes its powers, he uses it to escape from the Gollum. He meets his friends outside but doesn't tell them about the ring. sfasdf Next, wolves attack the group. However, eagles who are enemies of the Goblins and friends of Gandalf help the group escape. The group visits an elf named Elrond. They rest at his house for a few days. Elrond gives them some important information for the journey ahead. The group visits a skin-changer named Beorn. A skin-changer is one who can alter his or her own body between a bear's and a human's. Beorn gives the group advice on traveling through the upcoming Mirkwood Forest. Gandalf leaves just when they get to the forest since he has some unknown business elsewhere. Theme Bilbo is a normal hobbit who keeps a very average life. However, he goes on an incredibly journey and does accomplishes unbelievable feats. The theme of The Hobbit, therefore is that big things can come from ordinary people. Mirkwood Forest is a magical, hostile place. Thus, the group encounters a mysterious feast in the forest. They are famished, so they decide to investigate. However, whenever they enter the vicinity of the feast, all the lights go out and they are left in darkness. After this happens a few times, they are ambushed by spiders. Bilbo realizes he must finally tell the dwarves about the ring so he can save them. They escape just to be captured by elves. Bilbo escapes the elves using his ring. He gets a plan to free the dwarves from their imprisonment. He stuffs himself and the dwarves into barrels that are sent through the river to a town of humans. This is the Town of the Lake-Men. The Lake Men know Thorin as the grandson of Thror, the king of Dale, so they accept him with open arms. Bilbo and the dwarves rest before heading out to the ruins of Dale just north of the Lake Men's city. The group sends Bilbo to find the exact location of Smaug and the treasure he does, but they now realize one big problem. They don't know how to get rid of Smaug. Bilbo, however, manages to discover a weak spot in Smaug's armor. Rising Action/ Conflict Point of View Although the story constantly follows Bilbo, it is told from a 3-person perspective. Protagonist Bilbo is the main protagonist. He is the main character who trys to solve his problem of defeating the antagonist, Smaug. Antagonist Smaug is the main antagonist. Throughout the novel, he is the creature that the protagonist, Bilbo, must defeat. Climax Smaug learns from Bilbo that the Lake-Men helped them. He flies to the city of the Lake-Men and attacks mercilessly. However, a bird informs the military leader, Bard, of Smaug's weakspot. Bard attacks and kills Smaug. Falling Action The dwarves fight to keep the treasure from the elves and the men. Bilbo gives the men and the elves the Arkenstone, the heart of the mountain of Dale, so that it could be used as a ransom to prevent Thorin from starting a war against the elves and the men. Goblins and Wargs also come to take the treasure. The elves, humans, and dwarves unite against them in the Battle of Five Armies. The Golbins and Wargs lose, but Fili, Kili, and Thorin die. Dain becomes the new king of the mountain and Bard becomes the Master. It turns out Gandalf was with someother wizards, fighting the Necromancer, another evil creature. Bilbo finds out that the other hobbits thought he ws dead and started auctioning off his things. He quickly stops the auction. Resolution Gandalf, Balin (another dwarf), and Bilbo dicuss the aftermath of their adventures as Bilbo gets back to his prior, ordinary life. Symbolism The Arkenstone is a symbol of the greatness of the dwarves as well as their pride and unity. Idiom There is an idiom on page 264. It says that Bilbo's heart fell. His heart didn't actually fall. It just means that he was very saddened since the dwarves' songs were so belligerent. THE END
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